EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT: Undeniable Attraction by JB Heller

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1iMqv9I


“What the HELL do you think you’re doing? Are you crazy? You’re going to get yourself killed, or worse, kill someone else. Give me your keys, Gabe!”

Ahh shit. It was Ivy. I haven’t been into work for the last two weeks, and she’s been busting my balls about getting back to it, but I just can’t do it. To be honest, I was a little surprised she was even here. This isn’t Ivy’s type of place. She’s all smooth curves and this place is full of rough edges.

I slowly turned around to face her and leant on my car for support. “What are you doing here Ivy? Shouldn’t you be at home knitting or something equally wholesome?” I said in a bored tone.

Her jaw dropped. I’ve never been rude to her before but she won’t take the hint and just leave me the hell alone. She’s fucking determined to pull me out of this dark place I’d found myself in.

I felt like a right shit talking to her like that, but I had a bottle of Jack waiting for me at home and it was calling my name.

“I don’t knit and I’m not some goody-two-shoes who doesn’t have a life and sits on her couch every night watching game shows. So don’t pretend you know anything about me. Freddie called me, told me you needed a ride. I cannot believe you were about to get in that car and drive yourself home. Look at yourself, Gabe,” she seethed as she glared daggers at me.

Before I could stop it, my inner cocky bastard made himself known. I blamed the booze. “I have looked at myself, even I’d fuck me, but I don’t swing that way,” I said with a smirk on my lips.

Ivy scrunched up her nose in disgust. “Ew, Gabe. Just, ew.”

Her cheeks turned crimson. I always have liked making her blush. It was one of my favourite past times. I probably shouldn’t be so hard on her, she’d come all the way here just to make sure I got home okay. She really was just a sweet girl trying to help me out. Poor thing probably thought her job was at stake if I didn’t get my shit together soon.

I would never fire her. She’s the best office girl I’ve ever had. She runs the whole office by herself and helps me with my case load. Even if I had decided to become a pro drunk, I’d spent too much time building my company up to just close the doors. I busted my arse to get the rep that McLeod Investigations Inc. had. But, I was far too drunk to figure out all that.

I took a moment to look at her. Wait, what is she wearing? I couldn’t stop myself from staring as I did a double take… She was wearing these pink frilly shorts that barely covered her pert arse and a matching singlet that did little to hide her perky boobs. Her long blonde hair was in a messy bun thing on top of her head and there wasn’t a trace of makeup on her pretty face.

Too soon, Ivy interrupted my perusal of her bangin’ body. “Gabe! Did you hear me? I said give me your keys. I’ll lock it up while you go get in my car.”

I shook my head. Had she’d been talking to me?

She poked a finger into my chest before continuing her lecture, “Don’t shake your head at me!

I’m not letting you get behind the wheel in this state.”

I was so stunned by her sudden assertiveness that I didn’t even try to argue. “Okay,” I mumbled under my breath.

Dropping my keys into her waiting palm, I stumbled over to her car and fell into the passenger seat. Who knew little Ivy could be so bossy. I had to admit, her take-charge attitude was kind of hot. I felt my dick twitch for the first time in a long time, but for Ivy? That shit is not happening, not now, not ever.

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Ivy is straightlaced, orderly and responsible. She’s also in love with her boss, Gabe.

When Ivy started working for him at his private investigation firm three years ago she was instantly drawn to him.

He’s everything she’s not and everything she wants— rough, gritty, sexy and impulsive.
Ivy decides to make some changes in order to gain Gabe’s attention, but in doing so, she inadvertently draws the eye of an unwanted admirer.

Gabe is forced to take her and her rambunctious cousin, Tessa, into his home for their protection. But with Ivy in such close quarters Gabe’s resolve to stay away from the once shy beauty begins to dissolve at a rapid pace.


Undeniable Attraction Teaser 1 Undeniable Attraction Teaser 2


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