Romantic Suspense Excerpts

Exposed by Ivy StoneExposed by Ivy Stone

A light, calloused touch scorches up my side, waking me from sleep. Goose bumps rise from the touch of fingertips and just as I’m about to scramble away, his signature scent hits me with a force of desire and I instantly calm. My shoulders fall and I relax my body back into the hot wall of pure muscle plastered behind me. Feathery kisses trail over my shoulder blade and I quiver at the tingling sensation freezing my body in place. His whiskered jaw prickles my skin, along my shoulder all the way up to my neck. It heightens my senses as lust shoots through my core, and I clutch my pillow, fighting the fire in my belly. I yearn to yank him over me and drive his cock right into me as far as it can go. His hand slides from my waist to my ass and as he squeezes firmly and I can’t help the moan from slipping past my lips. My own sounds of desire echoes through the room much louder than intended, and as soon as it’s left my mouth, Mason spreads his hand over my ass cheek and hip, clutching tightly, and with a quick jerk, he pulls me backwards pressing his jean-clad cock into my ass, rubbing his hardness against me…Read More

Wine&Whiskey by Nikki BelaireWine & Whiskey by Nikki Belaire

Before he can respond, she stands up and walks toward the foyer. “I need to go.”

“I know the real you.” The tenderness in his voice forces her to pause. This is the Nick she knows. Not the one from the restaurant. The man who makes her think crazy things like this could be real, that the two of them might actually have a chance.

“How your cheeks turn pink when you feel shy. How you’re secretly competitive and try to one-up me when we work out. The way you’re always thinking about dessert.”

He stands behind her, close enough his breath warms her neck, his skin skimming hers, stirring an ache for him to wrap his arms around her and eliminate all of her uncertainty. “I know you’ve been hurt before, and you’re scared it’s going to happen again.”…Read More

Undeniable Attraction by JB Heller

“What the HELL do you think you’re doing? Are you crazy? You’re going to get yourself killed, or worse, kill someone else. Give me your keys, Gabe!”

Ahh shit. It was Ivy. I haven’t been into work for the last two weeks, and she’s been busting my balls about getting back to it, but I just can’t do it. To be honest, I was a little surprised she was even here. This isn’t Ivy’s type of place. She’s all smooth curves and this place is full of rough edges.

I slowly turned around to face her and leant on my car for support. “What are you doing here Ivy? Shouldn’t you be at home knitting or something equally wholesome?” I said in a bored tone.

Her jaw dropped. I’ve never been rude to her before but she won’t take the hint and just leave me the hell alone. She’s fucking determined to pull me out of this dark place I’d found myself in….Read More


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