Paranormal Excerpts

Invidious Betrayal by Shea SwainINVIDIOUS Betrayal by Shea Swain

Ian paced the small motel room for an entire hour before finally sitting in a tiny chair which belonged to a small kitchenette that sat under a window. He’d also looked at his cell phone a hundred times it seemed, since leaving the mansion a little over five hours ago. He hadn’t replaced the battery or powered it up since turning it off in the car. He’d driven around with the girl in the passenger seat, thinking of what to do. When nothing came to him he’d paid for a motel room, the kind that smelled like stale air and the plumbing rattled when you turned the faucet off.

He reached over and gently rubbed his thumb over the girl’s hand while he held it in his own….Read More

Savannah Sins by Jenna Fox

Beverly threw open the French doors, and her shoes and the duffel were long forgotten.

Her throat narrowed like it was closed off by huge ice cubes as she looked down from the high porch. The distance of the fall would either injure her or give a clean break for freedom. If she didn’t do it she would be easy prey for some spirit or demon to hack her to pieces. She said a fervent prayer, threw her leg over the rail and jumped.

A bush cushioned her fall and Beverly slid onto the ground. Consciousness wavered and the blurry white ball of light above slowly turned into the moon as the misty earth spun. For a moment, she laid flat wondering if she had any broken bones….Read More

Entrusted by Aria PeytonEntrusted by Aria Peyton

She enjoyed the sensation of him licking and his fingers as he pushed two inside her, but it was only enjoyment. There was no fire or tingle there.

Not until he nibbled his way down her inner thigh to the place where he’d marked her the first time. He kept thrusting his fingers lazily within her and nuzzled the spot where she wore his teeth marks. She shivered when she felt his cat’s teeth brush along her thigh. He curled his fingers inside her and bit down. The pain bloomed and joined the pleasure and she orgasmed.

Hard…..Read More


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