Erotica Excerpts

The Angela Name by Selena RiveraThe Angel’s Name by Selena Rivera

I didn’t want this night to end, crazy thoughts were going through my head when Bobby-James came up behind me and wrapped a towel around me holding me close to him.

He placed his chin on my shoulder, his voice was tender. “There. You should be warm soon, I started a fire in the fireplace; it should warm up very soon.”

“Thank you.” I leaned my head back against his shoulders with my hands on his arms.

“Let’s go eat. I’m sure you must be starving. I know I am.”

He gently turned me so we were face to face. My heart stopped when I saw he was shirtless! I bit my lip at the sight of so much tanned flesh….Read More

The Devil Ate Me by PM BarnesThe Devil Ate Me First by PM Barnes

I squinted my eyes and moved to roll from under him, but he pinned me by the wrists and even when he took his hands away, I found that I could not move them.

“You cannot run from me Becky and why would you even want to try.  You are nothing now and were nothing yesterday.  But, I am going to turn you into something pure.  I am going to fill you with darkness the likes of which you mortals can only guess at.  You will be part of the loud and rancid moan of the world.  You will join us in the NEEDING.”

With that, he leaned in and I felt red hot heat, along the insides of my thighs, as I attempted to make room for him.  Then there was a sharp burst of acid like pain.  It blurred everything else and deadened out the sound of my own screaming.  He had entered me and it felt as if I was being burned and torn up from the inside….Read More


Blindsight By Adriane Leigh


My heart pounded in unwavering beats. I stood over him, tears rushing down my cheeks, my eyes unblinking at the slumped form sprawled across the seeping maroon concrete.

“Hunter,” I sobbed and dropped to my knees, the concrete grating the denim, soaking the blood clear through. I didn’t care. All I saw was him, because for the first time since we’d met, I couldn’t feel him.

“Hunter, please, breathe,” I whimpered and dropped my ear to his barely parted lips. The lips I’d pressed to mine tenderly, the lips that had roamed my skin and caressed my body.

“Hunter—” I choked on the words as tears rained down my cheeks, my hands and body trembling so fiercely I couldn’t focus long enough to tell if he was breathing….Read More

Savannah Sins By Jenna Fox

Beverly threw open the French doors, and her shoes and the duffel were long forgotten.

Her throat narrowed like it was closed off by huge ice cubes as she looked down from the high porch. The distance of the fall would either injure her or give a clean break for freedom. If she didn’t do it she would be easy prey for some spirit or demon to hack her to pieces.

She said a fervent prayer, threw her leg over the rail and jumped….Read More

Sweet Charity by Sherri CrowderSweet Charity by Sherri Crowder

Before she knew it, Jackson had lifted her up, and carried her over to the pub style table on the deck.  Lost in his kisses, she didn’t even realize that Jackson had completely unbuttoned his shirt that she was wearing, and had pulled it down off her shoulders, as he leaned her naked body back, and spread over the table.  His lips left hers, as he kissed first her neck just under her ear, and then lightly nipped and kissed his way down to her aching nipples.  Charity moaned and panted, loving the feel of Jackson’s lips on her sensitive skin.

Jackson loved how Charity’s body reacted to him…the quickening of her breath, the goose bumps that broke out when his lips touched a particularly sensitive spot….Read More

Roughing by Paige MatthewsRoughing by Paige Matthews

Me: You want to talk?

Colin: Yes.

Me: Deal with your fuck buddy and maybe I’ll give you a chance to talk.

Colin: What the fuck she do now?

Me: Ask her. I don’t have time to rehash her temper tantrum.

Colin: WTF?

Me: IDK. Figure it out. Good Day, Mr. Hunt.

I shut my computer down and grabbed my purse. I wanted to head home and nap for an hour or so. I tried to call Mackenzie, but she didn’t pick up her work line. I rode the elevator to the lobby. Stepping off, I noticed him waiting for me.

“Jesus, you’re like an STD that I can’t get rid of. What the hell do you want?” I asked, rolling my eyes as I continued walking toward the doors.

“You told me you’d talk to me if I handled her, so I handled her.”…Read More

Never A Choice by Dee PalmerNever A Choice by Dee Palmer

“I thought we talked about lying. I know you are lying but I want to know why?” He touches my chin with the tip of his finger and I can feel the intensity of the heat from that tiny connection like a branding iron.

“How?” Its all I can manage and his lips curl in to a sinful grin.

“I know you Miss Thorne. I know you better than you know yourself.” He pushes my jacket open and I gulp for the air that won’t stay in my mouth. His strong hands hold my waist, his thumbs tracing circles over my hip and his fingers hook over the waist band of my jeans and follow the band to the middle…Read More

Reid and Pippa by Kate BlackReid & Pippa by Kate Black

He released my heavy breasts from my bra. He placed his warm mouth on my nipples sending waves of ecstasy through me. He walked me slowly back to the couch where he lay over top me kissing, nipping, and biting my nipples. I couldn’t keep my hands off him. He kissed me above my pubic area over my panties. I felt the urge to push him down further but I just went with what he was doing. He looked up with his big blue gray eyes and smiled.

“Pippa, are you ready for me?” he asked.

I shook my head yes waiting to see what he was going to do next. He kissed me over my panties and I could feel myself getting wetter….Read More

Decadance After Dark by M NeverOwned by M Never

“Which flavor is your favorite?” Kayne looks up at me like I’m a confection sweet enough to eat. I swallow hard.

“It’s a toss-up between the red velvet and lemon drop.”

“Well, I’m a red velvet man myself.” He picks up the lone red velvet cupcake on the plate.

“Would you mind sharing your lunch with me, Ellie?”

“Of course not. It’s only polite to share.” I fiddle with the collar of my dress shirt.

Kayne pulls the wrapper off of the dyed cake, and then splits it in two. “Sit.”

I take a seat next to him, still clutching the file folders in my arms.

He offers me one half of the cupcake, and I take it with trembling fingers.

“Do I make you nervous, Ellie?” he asks as he lightly licks the cream cheese frosting….Read More

Deliverance for AmeliaDeliverance For Amelia by Bonny Capps

My eyes fall to the weight on my ankle and I gasp when I realize that I’m chained to the handsome stranger’s bed.

My eyes dart to his, “Who-who are you?”

He smiles as he approaches me, “My name is Gabriel – Gabe for short – but you will refer to me as Master.”

The bed dips when he sits beside me and I quickly gather my knees to my chest, “What am I doing here?”

“All in due time, sweet Amelia. Right now I would like for you to bathe and change into the clothes that I have laid out for you. Then we will go have brunch.”

He stands and reaches towards my ankle. My breath hitches as I attempt to scramble to the headboard like a frightened animal before he grasps my ankle and pulls me towards him, my back hitting the mattress. He places his hands on each side of my head as his large form leans over mine….Read More

troy s kline coverTroy by S Kline

I’m stopped short when my hand meets with the soft, pliable flesh of a woman’s tit instead. I trace over the pebbled peak of her nipple, my dick getting harder with every rotation of my fingertip. My eye peeks open, and a smug grin pulls at my lips as thoughts of last night flood back to me.

I was setting up tonight’s fight when Dylan called to tell me about the party at Ethan’s place. Instead of focusing on prep-work for the fight, I spent the night getting way too lit up, as usual. Then Bethany cornered me in the bathroom and started running her slutty hands all over my chest and back. What man can resist that? She was putting on a show for me all night. The short hem of her silky black dress was riding up her thighs with the sway of her hips as she danced to some techno beat….Read More


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