Sail by M Mabie

Heat Rating: 4 flames
Genre: Romance
Series: The Wake Series, Book 2

Apologies in advance, this is not your typical book review where I tell you about the characters or an in depth analysis of the storyline. This is a tribute to the magical words of M Mabie.

Lock & Key by Cat Porter

Rating: 5 flames
Heat Level: Hot, Graphic
This book was recommended to me by someone as the best MC book that they had ever read. I am so glad that I listened and picked up this book. It was an unbelievable read.

Guided Love by Tracie Redmond

Title: GUIDED LOVE (The Prick Series, #1) Author: Tracie Redmond Release Date: July 13, 2015   Blurb Sam Jacobs has been best friends with Camaron Willis since the second grade. Ever since the day they met her heart belonged to him. Now graduating from college Sam moves across the country to start their life together….

Troy by S Kline

Series: Fianna Fail: Soldiers of Destiny, Book 1 Genre: Contemporary Romance Add to Goodreads: Blurb Contains graphic sex, drug use, and violence. Not recommended for anyone under 18. Troy Donovan has it all; respect, legacy, and women. Men envy him, and women just want to be with him. All women except for Kaci Quinn. Kaci…

Intrigued & Enchanted by Eva Simone

There are many millionaire/innocent girl stories on the market. But I assure you that there is none that are quite like this one. And I mean that in a good way. This story really blew me away.
This book is the pefect blend of steamy scenes, romance, lovable characters, angst, suspense and humor.

Sweet Fall by Tillie Cole

Series: Sweet Home, Book 3 Genre: New Adult Add to Goodreads: Blurb We all have secrets. Secrets well buried. Until we find the one soul who makes the burden of such secrets just that little bit easier to bear. Lexington “Lexi” Hart is a senior at the University of Alabama. Surrounded by her best friends,…

Three Hard Lessons by Nikki Sloane

Series: Blindfold Club, Book Two Genre: Erotica Add to Goodreads: Blurb I am the woman men pay thousands of dollars to sleep with. I do what I love and what I’m so very good at. Then he walks in and drops $30,000. He wants to talk. And kiss. And take me home. In a single…

Ruined by M Never

Series: Decadence After Dark, Book 3 (Epilogue) Genre: Dark Erotica Add to Goodreads: Blurb Kayne Roberts. Kayne Rivers. Kayne Stevens. No matter his name, one fact remains the same. He’s the man who enslaved me, ensnared me, claimed me and ruined me…For all other men that is. My life. My love My happiness. All…

Queen In Play by Willa Thorne

Series: The Manhattan Tales, Book Two Genre: Contemporary Romance, Erotica Add to Goodreads: Blurb This is the sequel to His Pawn Jillian Pryor has learned a thing or two since she was swept away by the handsome Mason Woodward. For years, she had him on a high pedestal… until she learned the dirty truth about…

Dylan by S Kline

DEVASTATING BEAUTIFUL LOVE STORY! It has taken me a few days after finishing to be able to properly articulate what I wanted to say about this book. I was so excited to read this book after loving Troy, book 1 in the series, so much. I do have to say that I was a little worried that this book would not live up to the hype I had built up but it went well beyond what even I could imagine.

Deliverance for Amelia by Bonny Capps

FAR OUT THIS IS ONE INTENSE READ! But I loved every second of the ride. My emotions were completely wrung out by the end and I know for sure that I am headed for one of a book hangover. You really do need to take heed of the author’s warning on this book. It really is not for the faint hearted. But if you can stomach dark and erotic reads, then I can assure you that you will not be disappointed.

Claimed by M Never

HOLY KINKINESS!! Before I came across Owned (Book 1) I had not read many books which could be classified as dark. But holy hell can M Never draw you into a story that pushes the boundaries in every sense of the word. Hence I knew that Claimed was a must read for 2015. Please note: you must read Owned (Book 1) prior to reading this book.