REVIEW: Sexual Encounter by LK Collins

Genre: Erotica

Fans of instalust, instalove and fastpaced novellas, this is for you. It has all the down and dirty loving you could want between two characters that literally cannot keep their hands off each other. If you don’t like moving forward at warp speed, this one IS NOT for YOU!

What I want to know of why it has taken me so long to discover LK Collins. This novella and writing is so up the alley of my lil dirty loving heart!

Jett knew that Natalie was off limits but when you meet your other half there is no denying your feelings – no matter the cost.

Jett was just the perfect alpha that you would expect from a story like this. Obsessive. Possesive. Protective. And all in. He was delciously dirty talking and even diritier on between the sheets.

And finally a heroine in this type of story that is NOT a blushing virgin. She is sassy yet vulnerable. I loved that she owned her sexuality and sexual attraction to Jett.

As expected with a novella, this was fast paced with these two falling for each other from the very first few pages. But this book is not all sex, there is a storyline that props up this book.

This book is explosively HOT. Readers will be turned on and left completely satisfied. So beware, if you blush easily this is best not read in public.

This book really hits the spot when you want sexy as hell, plenty of combustible tension and down and dirty sex. The writing was easy and this novella will can be devoured in one sitting. LK Collins have definately made it onto my auto read list. 

4 hearts




I’m not supposed to want Natalie Valero, not the way my body does, in every consumable way possible. But from the moment I laid eyes on her, I craved her like never before.

As I sit across the table from her, listening to all the disrespectful things her husband—my client—is saying to her, I can’t help wanting to protect her.

It makes me want to wipe her tears away.

To show her how a real man speaks.

The only way I’d ever make her cry is begging me for more.

But it’ll never happen.

Natalie is off limits to me; a line any lawyer knows you don’t cross.

But fuck does my cock want to.

Maybe just once—maybe…



About LK Collins

From International Bestselling Author, LK Collins, comes Sexual Encounter a quick and dirty, over the top, insta-love read. Jett and Natalie will have you on the edge of your seat, waiting in anticipation for what’s next, and trust me, you’ll want to find out what happens ‘cause it’s oh-so-naughty.

LK Collins is the naughty alter ego for the husband-and-wife duo behind multiple bestselling and international bestselling novels. This real-life couple is downright dirty in the bedroom, which bleeds through the pages of their steaming hot stories. While LK writes the books, Mr. Collins, the tattooed god himself, is the mastermind behind so much of the page-turning sexiness.

If you are looking for a scorching read with chemistry so intense it jumps off the pages, then an LK novel is for you. From standalones to series, their stories will have you blushing and panting, ready to reread them the moment you’ve finished. The heroes are alpha, demanding, filthy-talking men that will do anything for their girl…or to get them.


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