REVIEW: Disarmed by Eva LeNoir

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Series: UCC Saga, Book 2

Heat Level: Explicit

When I first heard about this book and read the blurb I will admit that I jumped to some conclusions about the type of book that this was. I mean typically, just from the blurb it was a book I knew that I would usually jump all over – TWO Doms….my attention is captured. But what I got was something very different from what I expected. Now, I will admit that this is my first book by Eva LeNoir so I really did not know what to expect from her style. So to be honest, I really had nothing to go on but intrigue of the storyline based solely on the blurb.

I want to jump in here and say that I didn’t get the feel that this was a ménage story (where all three parties end up together in a relationship) when I read the blurb and I typically have no patience for love triangles. So I want to rest assure other readers, this is not a love triangle.

Without a doubt I enjoyed the writing of Eva LeNoir. She is able to craft a story that was easy to read. She kept the story moving the whole time and the heat between the parties sizzling and when it was not explosive, simmering below the surface. This book kept me invested in finding out how the story will work out.

Where I struggled with this story is purely based on my experience with the story. Others may not have the same hang-ups that I did.

Typically I have no issues with an emotionally charged story where one of the characters is “broken” and finds themselves throughout the story. But I really struggled to connect with Jade’s story in this one. Jade hides from emotions in her day to day life. The only release she gets is when she can sink into submission through sexual encounters with dominant men. Throughout this story readers discover the reasons for her walls but it was not enough for me to make a connection with her plight and self discovery.

And then there was Miles & Carson. The dynamic between this duo never quite gelled for me. Individually they were both great characters and brought a whole bunch to the story of Jade’s self discovery. But some of the actions that they took I just couldn’t understand. The way that they were so diplomatic to each other, I really just wanted to see and feel some passion about the situation.

I don’t want to give away any spoilers that may affect readers journey through this book about how the relationships between these three unfold so I am not going to go into much more detail but I just didn’t feel the soul searing connection of true love and fighting for it tooth and nail.

But the encounters between these characters was sizzling. The Domination and Submission was light but hot as hell. Eva can really bring the heat and did make me feel hot under the collar. I really felt that during these scenes was were the connection and emotion was the most real. And while I did get the vulnerability of the characters within these scenes, I really wanted it to bleed outside this dynamic into the every day.

Unfortunately where I think I was a bit lost on this book was HOW Jade came around to accepting love. I was thrown for a loop on the secondary storyline and wished that the coming together had been more centered on the relationships of the main characters and not as a byproduct of something else going on.

BUT this is just my preference and experience of this story. There is no denying that Eva writes well and this storyline did keep me reading and wanting to know how it all worked out. This is seriously a case of its me and not the author or the book. This book WAS SOLID.

So if you are a fan of romances that heal a broken character, has TWO hot domiant males, is kinky, emotional, engaging and heart warming then you will enjoy Disarmed. I am curious about other characters in this series and can see myself reading more from this author. Oh and I really, really want to know what UCC stands for.

3 & half hearts


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Jade McGuire lives a double life. To the outside world, she is a well-put together art connoisseur with a good head on her shoulders. But in the privacy of a downtown DC apartment, she lives out every fantasy she has ever had.

Twice over.

Strong and independent during the day, Jade kneels at the feet of her two Doms once the sun sets.

After a chance meeting at Ruby’s Lounge, Miles Jennings and Carson Dunn find themselves playing a very dangerous, albeit sexually fulfilling, game. And all bets are off when the goal is to win the girl.


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Yet, there is something missing; a man she can truly call her own.

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About Eva LeNoir

Eva LeNoir lives in France with her husand, two sons and the entire food chain in pets: From fish to gerbils to cats and a dog. With a full time job that pays the bills, she reserves all of her free time to doing what she loves most: Writing. Eva likes teasing her husband that she should have married a billionaire so she could stay home and write all day. But then he makes her laugh at his silly antics and all dreams of lavish lifestyles evaporate from her mind. A softie at heart, Eva can be seen crying whenever anything emotional is on TV or the radio. Yes, even commercials. So, if ever you meet her, make sure to bring a box of tissues and a good episode of Grey’s Anatomy to witness the epic tear fest. There are three things she believes unconditionally: Love really does conquer all, Humans are still inherently good and Wine and Cheese will solve all the problems of the world.

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