REVIEW: Shockwave by Sierra Cartwright

Genre: Erotica

Series: Impulse, Book 1

Heat Level: Off The Charts (BDSM)

When done well, BDSM romance has the ability to tantalise all of a readers senses. There is just something about the bond and trust with submission and domination that lays a great foundation for an enthralling romance story. In Shockwave, Sierra Cartwright’s latest BDSM novel and the first in the Impulse series, readers are treated to a no nonsense, dominant alpha and a strong female submissive that finds it hard to be fulfilled through her submissive encounters.

When Alani, a professional submissive, is busted yawning during a scene by Nathaniel, one of the owners of the BDSM club that she works at, she knows that she is in a world of trouble. A professional submissive is meant to give her all to the scene at hand. With her job in jeopardy, Alani is faced with a tough choice to keep her job.

Nathaniel does not expect anything but the best from the submissives employed at his club. But Alani presents him with a challenge. He had no desire to get involved with the wilful and stubborn sub but there is something about her that calls to his inner dominant. One scene between the two of them is all it takes to start a raging fire of tension between the pair. But can Nathaniel stay on course and retrain Alani, or will the submission prove to be a challenge to his heart?

I really enjoyed the story of Alani and Nathaniel. The way that both of these characters let go to find themselves through the act of BDSM was what kept me glued to this book. And as a fan of BDSM, I was drawn into the journey through this avenue. I connected with both characters, their struggles and their exploration of love, pain, pleasure and discovering who they were, what they really wanted and what it meant to them to accept.

The BDSM aspect of this book is not the slap and tickle of BDSM-light. Readers are taken on the very real journey of a sadist and a masochist. The play while not overtly extreme was more than just a spanking. But readers who love an indepth read of the Lifestyle will enjoy the scenes between these two. And man where these two hot when they came together. The tension was just about arcing off the page. The sex between them was electrifying. When combined with the power of BDSM it was memorising and I couldn’t help but get caught up in these two.

While it was evident from their very first encounter with each other that there was an instant attraction, to my delight there was an element of instalove in this book between Nathaniel and Alani.

I have yet to read a book by Sierra Cartwright that I have not enjoyed immensely. Her words capture the building of tension, sexual desire, the underlying character personality, the strength and pleasure in domination and submission and a great storyline, each and every time. The words are so well written and the storyline so on point that you don’t even realise that you are turning the pages so quickly. If you are a fan of BDSM romance that delves right into the Lifestyle, then you want to check out this book, and Sierra Cartwright in general.

Read Sample of Shockwave

4 hearts




Book one in the Impulse series – The new and expanded version (previously released as In The Zone)

There can only be one victor…

He vows to personally deal with her…

When Master Nathaniel Stratton catches Alani Dane, a professional submissive, yawning during a scene with one of his club’s most prestigious members, he vows to personally deal with her.

In order to claim her…

Nathaniel works to shatter the emotional barriers she’s erected to keep her heart safe and takes the biggest gamble of his life to claim her for his own.

But she’s no man’s submissive…

He alternately thrills and terrifies Alani. Even though she craves the intense release that subspace brings, at heart, she’s no man’s submissive. In this intense battle of wills, dominance and submission, love and commitment, he’s determined to tear down the walls around her heart.


About Sierra Cartwright

USA Today Best-Selling Author, Winner of the 2015 Best BDSM Book of the year (Bind), 2015 Reader’s Choice Best Erotic Romance (Bind), 2015 Golden Flogger (Crave), 2014 LASR Book of the Year award (In The Den), 2013 Best BDSM Book of the Year award (Over The Line), Golden Flogger Award 2015 nominee for her books Command, Bind, and Brand.

Sierra was born in Manchester, England where she spent her early years traipsing through castles. After living in Denver for a number of years, the internationally acclaimed author now resides in Galveston, Texas. She loves the way history blends with Southern manners (being called "sugar" is an experience unto itself).

She invites you to join her on a sensual journey where the limits are explored and expanded.





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