REVIEW & EXCERPT: Roommate by Jenika Snow

Series: A Real Man, Book 5

Genre: Erotica

Heat Level: Explicit

Looking for a short, sexy novella that has a bit of tension between characters that have been too afraid to take it further? Then you really need to check out this latest book by Jenika Snow. Roommate gives readers a to the point love story that features a REAL MAN that is all about his woman – even when they are not officially together.

Brendan and Meghan have been in love with each other for as long as they can remember. But both are afraid to take the next step, in case the other doesn’t feel the same and they lose them forever. But due to unforeseen circumstances, Meghan finds herself having to turn to Brendan for somewhere to live. But can these two stay away from each other now that they are in such close quarters?

I really enjoyed this stepsibling romance from Jenika Snow – even though when they hooked up they weren’t technically step-siblings. The best way to describe this book was that it was sweet. Brendan said the most sweet things to and about Meghan. But you could almost feel the sizzling tension when these two were around each other.

While I have read all the books in this A Real Man series, I think that this one was more on the tame side of smutty than the others that came before. That’s not to mean that the sex wasn’t as HOT and SMOKING as the others, just there was a lot more build-up and not as much sexy time. But it didn’t take away from the way in which Jenika can craft a sex scene to turn you on.

There is no doubt that Jenika Snow can write. Her words practically flow across the page so that readers can easily read this novella in one sitting. It is ideal when readers are looking for something with little to no drama but want all the hallmarks to escape inside a book. I love that this each book in this series focusses on a REAL MAN can’t see past his woman and Brendan is exactly that guy in this book. Can’t wait to meet another REAL MAN in the very near future.

4 hearts





I’ve done pretty damn well in hiding my feelings for her over the years, but having Meghan under the same roof as me, and only feet from my bed makes it hard to control myself.

The truth is when it comes to Meghan I don’t want to practice self-control. I love her.


I’ve known him nearly my whole life. He’s arrogant, gets under my skin, but is gorgeous and caring, too. And as much as I want to say it doesn’t affect me, that Brendan doesn’t affect me I’d be lying.

The truth is I love him, and I don’t know if that’ll end up destroying me.


She needed a place to stay, and now she’s got a roommate … me. But I’m about to show her that I want more than a friendly arrangement.

I’ve never been good at sharing, and when it comes to her, she’s mine.

Warning: You like short, hot, straight to the point stories? Do you want drama-free sexiness that leaves nothing to the imagination? Do you want a story that is pretty unbelievable, but gives you the warm fuzzies at the same time? Well then, leave your panties at the door because that’s what’s going down in this quickie.




Right here, right now, with the way he looked at me, that whatever was going on between us was … real.

He wanted me the way I wanted him, and all I wanted to do was be with him.

I didn’t care if there were any risks in being with Brendan, or even if I should.

I felt him playing with the wisps of hair by my ear, and chills raced up my spine. The tips of his fingers would brush the curve of my ear every so often, and I just wanted to be strong here and go for what I wanted … him. We might have said we loved each other, but it still felt so unreal.

“It’s only ever been you, Meghan.”

“That’s so hard to believe,” I said sincerely. Brendan was gorgeous, smart, and witty. He drew people in. He could have had anyone he wanted, even if I’d never actually seen him with anyone.

He shook his head and looked at my mouth again. I felt him move his fingers along my jawline and then over my cheek. I parted my mouth as I sucked in a breath when I felt him move those digits along my lips.

“No, it’s just you for me. It always has been.” He moved just a little closer so his body was now pressed against mine. I made this involuntary noise in the back of my throat when his muscles came in contact with my softness.
I also felt how hard he was.




And all because of me.

“I can’t even think of anyone else because I’m so fucking in love with you,” he murmured, still looking at my mouth, still running his fingers along the swell of my bottom lip. “I don’t ever want anyone else, Meghan, and I’ve been working up the courage, trying to be a man about it all, and tell you how I felt for years now.”

I couldn’t think, couldn’t even breathe after he spoke.

“I want to show you with my mouth,” he said low, deep, his voice moving along my flesh. “I want to show you with my tongue and hands how much you mean to me.” He pressed his lower body harder against mine. “And I want to show you with my cock just how good I can make you feel.”

Oh. Shit. I had definitely just fallen down the rabbit hole.


About Jenika Snow

Jenika Snow is a USA Today Bestselling Author that lives in the northwest with her husband and their two daughters. Before she started writing full-time she worked as a nurse.

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