REVIEW: Boss of Me by Lila Younger

Genre: Erotica

Heat Level: Explicit

If you are looking for another author to add to your list of sweet, quick, dirty and to the point, then you need to check out Lila Younger. This steamy office romance is sure to satisfy any readers smutty cravings.

Brandon is your typical exec hero that has always been focused on his job but gets knocked on his arse by his assistant. While I enjoyed most of his qualities of an alpha male, he frustrated me slightly in the beginning of this novella when he worked Chelsea up and then walked away as if it meant nothing. He did make up for later when he couldn’t keep his hands off her. And when the chips were down, he wasn’t afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve for his girl.

Chelsea’s awkwardness at the beginning of this book was endearing. Her sweet nature was a great compliment to Brandon’s hardness. But when she let loose, man was she wild. There were moments where I wanted to yell “what are you doing?” but overall I enjoyed her character.

The build-up between these two was great. That push and pull of attraction while trying to maintain professional distance was captured well by Younger. And when these two just could no longer deny what was between them, it was explosively hot.

Steph, Chelsea’s best friend, was also a crack-up.

As this book is a novella, it is quick and dirty. Lila Younger does a great job at keeping pace and giving a story that can be read in under an hour. A fun read that will take your mind off things and escape inside a story. Can’t wait to see what’s next from Lila.

Read Sample of Boss of Me

4 hearts



Emerald green eyes.

A smile that could get him anything he wants.

And a body, a body that leaves my panties wet on sight. He’s every girl’s fantasy. What’s not to love?

The fact that he’s my boss, that’s what. And not just mine- soon he’s going to be the CEO. And that means scandal. So I know that he’s off limits.
Until one night, trapped together at the office, it becomes impossible to resist him any longer. And once our affair’s begun, we just can’t keep our hands off each other. The things he could do with his tongue, his hands, his package… I’ve never had a man like this- a man who has me begging and screaming for more.

And that’s exactly what I want.


About Lila Younger

Lila has spent her whole life in the PNW, where rainy days kept her inside with a book. A lover of the written word, she can’t believe that it’s taken her over twenty years to get around to writing a book. She’s always believed in love at first sight and happily ever afters. When she isn’t working on her stories, Lila likes to bake and hike in the mountains that make up her backyard.

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