REVIEW: Savage Beast by Charleigh Rose


Genre: Erotica

Heat Level: Off The Charts

HOLY SHIT. I fricken love a bad boy that is a gentleman underneath all that bluster. A chick that has buckloads of sass. Add in a writing duo that bring an ungodly amount of SMUT to the party and you have me hooked. Savage Beast had me wanting to extend the experience but also get it over and done with quickly as I knew I would be left satisfied.

If you have read Stepdaddy Savage then you know that there is no shortage of sexual attraction between Jade & Cole. This book is a few years after the conclusion of book 1, but it can also be read as a standalone (not that you would want to skip the other book). Both Jade and Cole are not looking for anything permanent but when they reconnect, they can’t fight the pull. It moves fast from here, but that it the point of this book.

Charleigh Rose do not try and sugar coat what the aim of their books are. Quite simply they want to deliver books that are down and dirty HOT. And man do they achieve it. I love them even better because they are short and I get a quick, hard dose of pure pleasure.

I do have to say that I so morbidly curious that I am thinking about investing in a cheap bottle of vodka and a kid free night with my husband after this book. Yeah, I would have never have thought of doing this scene in a million years!

And well, I don’t even really have words about the menage scene within this book…..
The touch of suspense that was thrown in was a nice touch and I LOVED how the men went all caveman about their women.

Look, the reality is that this book is best for readers who want a change of scenery between those longer books that have lots of build up, characters finding themselves and drawn out connections. This is a fast dose of instalove/attraction, lots of down and dirty sex and a happily ever after. Charleigh Rose are awesome writers that give what they say they will, something hot as f*ck.

4 hearts


Savage Beast Teaser 1.jpg


Series: Savage People, Book 2

Warning: Taboo, ménage, dirty talk, hot as f*ck.

I dated a mobster. A monster. A maniac.
He left me scarred, marred and done with men in general. The last thing I need is another man in the very same lifestyle. I might let Cole Savage into my bedroom, but I can’t let him into my heart.

She’s been hurt before. She thinks I’ll hurt her again.
Problem is, I’m not the one who is trying to hurt her.
Her ex-boyfriend is a part of the Lucky Lucianos, an up-and-coming Italian mafia in New York city. He thought he could get away with what he did to her, but he won’t be so lucky when I get my hands on him.



About Charleigh Rose

A secret duo of romance authors who teamed up for the sake of fun, sexy smut. Our philosophy:

1. Our heroes should always be so alpha, you won’t be able to read them in public.

2. Heroines will always be sassy, strong and take zero sh*t from their men.

3. Taboo, dark, twisted, weird, bizarre and original. We won’t give you what you’ve already seen a million times before.

4. The sex will be explicit, hot, smutty, and completely insane. Make sure your door is locked and you have a toy around when you read us.

We’re dedicated to fulfilling your fantasies and to having fun with each other. We created this pen name so we can play around with our readers and each other (naughty naughty). Buckle up and join the ride!

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