REVIEW: Roots and Wings by M Mabie

Roots & Wings

I absolutely love it when a book delivers exactly what it promises. It’s even better when it is written by an author that has not failed me before. Roots and Wings is an awesome change in pace by M Mabie but doesn’t fail to give great, off beat characters, a love story that worms it’s way into your heart and chemistry that can light up the sky.

The thing that I loved the most about this story is that the love and romance between Mutt & Vaughan is simple. But just because it is simple, it does not mean that it’s not real. It is actually more real than a lot of other love stories out there. It is a love story between the man that craves to love and be loved and a woman who thought (and at times lead to believe by the way that she was treated) that she was not good enough for love.

If you were a reader that decided to pass on M Mabie’s Bait series, then this book is the absolute complete opposite of what was delivered in that series. The drama and angst is low – almost on the syrupy, sweet side of love stories. But what you do get is M Mabie’s crazy talented story telling that draws you in and makes you live right alongside these characters.

I don’t think that I could have loved Mutt or Vaughan anymore if I tried. Mutt was about as real as they come. She is what she is, she loves what she loves and if you want to be part of her life she is crazy loyal and completely endearing. That she struggled with herself sometimes was very real and her at times awkward behavior made her even more likable to me. But the way that she blossomed throughout the book and came into her own, was exactly what love should do for a person.

And Vaughan. I am not sure what I can say. The way that he saw Mutt from the very first encounter and the last page of the book was the way that a true gentleman treat’s his woman. It was never forced or never did he feel the need to deny his feelings because he should. That he wanted to be the ONE for Mutt was breathtaking.

But don’t be fooled, even though the romance is sweet, the lovin’ is HOT & STEAMY. The chemistry between this pair is off the charts and the delivery by M Mabie completely compliments the story. The sex is not put in for the sake of putting it in, but rather brings a very real element of attraction between these two to life.

Every time I pick up an M Mabie book I am completely enthralled. She thrills me and hooks me with her words like no other. She has proven in this book that she knows a good love story and how to bring it to life. I am a huge fan of her style of writing and know that I will pick up anything that she reads. Her brand of real romance is exactly what I love. High recommended to all romance readers.

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About The Book

Roots and Wings Title: Roots and Wings

Author: M Mabie

Series: City Limits, Book 1 (Interconnected Standalone)

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Level: Steamy

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Blurb: Welcome to Wynne, population 3,401.

No billionaires. No professional athletes. No celebrities.

In this small town, current events are pondered in mirrors at the local salon or around crowded tables at the diner, and there’s a new couple to gossip about. A rough and tumble woman who works in her dad’s garage, not yet ready to spread her wings, shows the new guy in town what it’s like to finally have roots.

It’s your run-of-the-mill, sexy, Astro van driving dentist meets smart-ass, bass fishing tomboy in a story of real-life romance.

Low on drama. High on love.

Pull up a chair and stay a while.

Roots and Wings CHAPTER ONE

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About The Author

M. Mabie lives in Illinois with her husband. She is the author of the steamy comedy Fade In. Her sophomore release, Bait, is the first book in the angst-filled erotic Wake Series. She writes unconventional love stories and tries to embody “real-life romance.”

She cares about politics, but will not discuss them in public. She uses the same fork at every meal, watches Wayne’s World while cleaning, and lets her dog sleep on her head. She has always been a writer. In fact, she was born with a pen in her hand, which almost never happens. Almost.

M. Mabie usually doesn’t speak in third-person. She promises.






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