REVIEW: Mercy Denied: Trinity by Jacqueline M Sinclair

Mercy Denied

When one moment leads to life changing consequences and hell-bent revenge

When someone sets out to ruin your life, it is natural to want to seek your own revenge. Because the consequences of that one moment are more far reaching and life-changing than they expected. But what is not expected is what happens when you start to enact that revenge and maybe the person you set out to destroy is perhaps that someone that can save you. Interested? This is the exact premise of Jacqueline M Sinclair’s latest release Mercy Denied: Trinity.

I am going to admit that this book took me a little bit to get into. I really wasn’t a fan of either of the main characters and when I find that lack of connection I find that I wander a bit. BUT man am

I glad that I kept going. As the storyline delved further into the characters of Trinity & Merrick I felt the spark of connection start to grow. And as that spark grew even more and my perception of them changed, the emotional turmoil of these two characters started to take over. From then on I was hooked and wanted to see the intense hate/love/hate play out.

The storyline of this book is not a fluffy, light right where they hate each other but really love each other. The genuine emotion between these two characters towards each other is strong dislike. Both of these characters are hellbent on destroying the other because of transgressions (perceived or not). This leads to subject matter that at times is heart breaking and didn’t fail to make this reader emotional as well.

I loved the angst of the sizzling chemistry that was hard to deny even though it was tainted by the need for revenge. These two were HOT together and it showed in every scene in which they came together.

I have to say that I LOVED the secondary characters in this story – especially all the Steele brothers and Jonah. They brought a depth to the story that made a pivotal scene even more heart breakingly emotional. I really can’t wait to find out their stories.

I have to say that the only reason that I am knocking the rating on this book down is the slow start and I felt that the ending was a bit rushed. I really wanted a little more at the end instead of feeling like I was just being told.

I will say that I will definitely pick up another book by the author I did enjoy the angst, love, chemistry and writing. It had all the elements of an enemies to lovers book that romance readers will relate to and adore. A definite recommendation to fans of this trope.

4 hearts


Mercy Denied Teaser 1

About Mercy Denied: Trinity

Author: Jacqueline M Sinclair

Series: Steele Standing Series

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Heat Level: Explicit

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Blurb: Merrick

She and her friend set me up. Then they sent those pictures to my wife. Little did they know that she’d already left me and that I was devastated and ready to self-destruct. Because of her, I lost everything I ever wanted … the only hope I had. Now I will risk everything I have left to destroy her. It doesn’t matter why she did it, that she was hurting, or even that she was drunk. It doesn’t matter that she looks at me like she sees into my soul. Does it?


Melanie was the one that’d sent those pictures to his wife, but it was me who’d told her to get her camera ready. I’d been angry at my ex-fiance and took it out on Merrick, wanting to expose him for the cheater I thought he was. I never dreamed it would go this far – that he would vow to destroy me. I’d take it all back if I could, but the damage is done. My mother’s life’s work is at his mercy and he’s determined to make me feel the loss that I caused him. Still, the way he looks at me I have to ask myself, did my poor choices wake the monster…or the man?

Mercy Denied Teaser 2

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Mercy Denied Teaser 3

About Jacqueline M Sinclair

Jacqueline grew up in the rural southeast and is the youngest child of a large and rowdy family. Reading was an escape when there wasn’t much else around to do. She loves everything from classical literature to true crime and everything in between. With her two children grown and gone, she’s surrounded by a menagerie of adopted pets and a two-legged thief who refused to give her heart back after a night of karaoke.

With a day job and a dream job, her writing is a steamy combination of real life and seeking to answer the age-old question of what would happen if…and then characters come along and completely derail the plan. Letting them have their say provides plenty of sleepless nights and an endless combination of coffee and wine, but she hopes you enjoy their stories.



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