REVIEW: Closed Heart by Willa Thorne

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Secrets, Hearts of Gold, Dirty Talking & Awesome Storyline

There is no denying that the trope of dominant billionaire has been done time and time again in the romance genre. And while Willa Thorne may have decided to write a story that follows down this road, what she has produced in Closed Heart is anything BUT ordinary.

Willa’s writing and storylines has the ability to make the reader forget that it is a tried and tested trope and transports them on a journey that is solely for her characters. Without a doubt she stands out above the pack.

Jackson is one sizzling, delicious, dirty talking dominant. He knows his preferences and is not afraid to use them to his advantage. What I loved about his character is that while he is a tortured soul, he was able to see what he wanted and go for it – regardless of the personal cost to himself. And underneath it all, his heart of gold is just begging to find a like minded soul.

Elyse is exactly everything that I love in a heroine. She has this tough exterior shell which she faces the world with every day. But as you delve deeper into her character, she has an absolute heart of gold and only really wants someone to love and accept her as she is. That Jackson was willing to work on these walls to smash through them because he recognised what was lurking underneath endeared me to him even more.

Let me tell you that this book is smoking hot and explicit. Jackson is a dominant and so all of the sex scenes take on this flavour. But the chemistry between these two is explosive and Willa does an amazing job of bringing the tension to the read so that they feel as frustrated and relieved as the characters.

The writing in this story was captivating and flowed easily. The words took me on the journey with the characters.

While this story does follow on from characters in the first trilogy, it can be read as a standalone.

There is no denying that I absolutely adore Willa, her stories and her brand of writing. Her steamy romances, alpha’s and strong females just drag me in every time and don’t release me – even after
I have read the last words. I cannot recommend Willa and all of her books enough to anyone who loves their romance on the steamy and dominant side while giving storylines that make you feel and draw you in. I am excited to see what comes next and know that it will be a no brainer for me.

5 hearts


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A Bit About The Book

Closed Heart Title: Closed Heart

Author: Willa Thorne

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Level: Explicit – Off The Charts

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Blurb: Jackson Rochester’s stare pierces through Elyse Mendez’s soul, stirring her wildest fantasies. She can’t deny body’s response to him, but she can control her mind – and her mind is telling her that if Jackson knew the secret she’s holding, that he would ruin her.

Jackson is intensely passionate and sinfully dirty. He’s a billionaire playboy who has an eye for Elyse, a youth center volunteer, blogger, and college student. Her avoidance of him only makes him more determined to break down her walls – but after he strips her bare, will the cost of the truth be too much for even Jackson to handle?

This is a standalone novel with a HEA. It features characters from The Manhattan Tales series, but can be read completely on its own.

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A Bit About The Author

Willa Thorne lives in Southern New England, just above New York City. She’s been writing steamy romance for many years. She enjoys all types of genres, but considers herself a romantic at heart. Coffee and chocolate are just a few of her favorite things. When she’s not writing steamy romance, she enjoys walks by the lake and hiking with her husband and rescued pup.




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