REVIEW: Bindings by Kate Roth

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Don’t make assumptions

I will freely admit that I made assumptions about this book based on it’s title, cover and blurb. Without a doubt I thought that I was going to get a book that is jam packed with sex, bondage and spankings with little else. Of course I made all of these assumptions because I’ve not read Kate Roth before so went in blind to her writing style and story telling.

So you know that saying about assuming, the one along the lines of making an ass of you and me – well I learnt my lesson with this book

So while you do get what I indicated above, because really it is a BDSM erotica book, you get so much more. Kate delivers a storyline that is packed with emotion, self discovery, learning to love again and freedom to be who you are without judgement.

So while I loved the writing, plot and the male lead – I had a bit of a hard time with Sloane. I do think that she was well written for the type of character she is, it’s just not the type that I personally resonate with very well as a reader. For me, a woman entering the world of submission for the first time needs to come with some level of trusting that her partner knows what they are doing and deferring to the advice given about the nature of the relationship. The way that this played out with Sloane was different and not really for me. Mind you, this aspect did get better as the book progressed and made me feel more in touch with her towards the end.

Leo was both captivating and intriguing as the hero. There was no denying his dominant nature and his natural ability in managing Sloane and the sexual situations between the pair. And although there are shadows surrounding him, his nature of wanting to move their relationship forward was awesome to read. He is sex, dominance and caring personified. I really wish I got to see somethings from his perspective throughout the novel.

The chemistry was explosive. The sex scenes were the right mixture of BDSM and raw passion. As expected, there is no fade to black with each scene explicit.

The writing kept me captivating and wanting to know what was lurking behind the actions of some of the characters. Kate Roth built up my internal tension and emotions until she finally broke the dam in spectacular fashion.

I really can’t wait to see what happens next with Sloane and Leo because yes, this is not a standalone – so you can infer what that means for the ending.

Recommend you read this if you like explicit BDSM that deals with self discovery and unraveling secrets.

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About The Book

Bindings Title: Bindings

Author: Kate Roth

Genre: Erotic BDSM Romance

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Blurb: I’d only meant to surrender my body but with time, he drove my soul to submit.

Ashamed of the woman she allowed herself to become, Sloane Montgomery sets out to repair the self-inflicted damage done to her life. A new town holds her new beginning and when Leo Calloway arrives everything changes.

Captivated by Leo and his dark desires, Sloane wonders if her fascination with his dominance goes deeper than fantasy. Has she been seeking punishment to atone for the sins of her past all along? Though Leo’s brutal lust is what first enthralls her, the bonds of trust they form could have the power to heal her.

When the ties to her former life threaten to take hold of her again, the passion binding her to Leo may be the key to her ultimate release.

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A Little About The Author

Published since 2012, Kate Roth is addicted to all things romance. Her passion for love stories, both traditional and unconventional, has led her to write in various sub-genres of romance including New Adult, Paranormal and Erotica. Kate is inspired by everything from music to the real-life romance tales she’s heard through her years as a professional hair stylist.

One thing is certain, Kate Roth writes steamy connections, sassy dialogue, and strong heroines & heroes.

Kate spends her time away from the keyboard with her insta-love husband, Adam and their faithful pound puppy, Sampson.

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