REVIEW: Out of the Blue by Carina Adams

Out of The Blue

Title: Out of the Blue

Author: Carina Adams

Series: Bama Boys, Book 2

Heat Level: Explicit

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4 flames

Fans of friends to lovers romances will love this new release from Carina Adams’ Bama Boys series.

For most of his life, Mike Carson has believed that he is in love with one girl – problem being though that she married his best friend. Needing a break from being in such close proximity, he decides to leave his job as security for them. It’s not until he is asked as a favor to come be security for the up and coming country starlet, Molly that Mike find himself back on tour.

As close confines keep the pair attached at the hip, Mike realises that maybe what he thought was love was not really that at all. Can Molly be the one to redefine what Mike always thought was love?

In 2015 I have taken a lot of chances on new to me authors and found some real gems. Carina Adams and this book is definitely part of this group. Even though I had not read Forever Red I was sucked in by this cover and blurb. I didn’t feel lost as much of the back story was touched on in this book.

I love me the strong, protector, man of little words type of alpha’s and without a doubt Mike Carson is one of these. His take charge attitude inside and outside of the bedroom was hot. Couple this with his sweet side when interacting with his children and Molly and you have a swoon worthy male that melts panties off women. He was the perfect combination of rough edges and gooey insides.

Molly was not what I expected at all. Even though her shell is a tough exterior as the book progressed and the layers where exposed, I felt more and more connected with her. Sure she made a few mistakes throughout the book, but the inherient goodness of her was never diminished.

I love a build-up where sexual tension is high but both characters try and deny their feelings and attraction to each other. And Carina hit this on the head perfectly. I was anticipating the explosive coming together and wasn’t disappointed. These two where hot and I am very partial to a dirty talker.

There was never a dull moment in this book with everything going on. What I loved about this book was that Carina invested me in the struggles of these two characters in finding and redefining themselves. And the suspense in this book kept me guessing.

So if you are looking for a book that will keep you intrigued as well as satisfy your romance needs, Out Of The Blue is for you.


Read an Excerpt of Out of the Blue

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