EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT: The Devil Ate Me First by PM Barnes

The Devil Ate Me by PM Barnes

Genre: Erotica

Series: The Devil Ate Me

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1Rptsbz


I squinted my eyes and moved to roll from under him, but he pinned me by the wrists and even when he took his hands away, I found that I could not move them.

“You cannot run from me Becky and why would you even want to try.  You are nothing now and were nothing yesterday.  But, I am going to turn you into something pure.  I am going to fill you with darkness the likes of which you mortals can only guess at.  You will be part of the loud and rancid moan of the world.  You will join us in the NEEDING.”

With that, he leaned in and I felt red hot heat, along the insides of my thighs, as I attempted to make room for him.  Then there was a sharp burst of acid like pain.  It blurred everything else and deadened out the sound of my own screaming.  He had entered me and it felt as if I was being burned and torn up from the inside.
He was huge and hot.  I immediately began to sweat.  My mouth went dry.

He thrust away at me and with each stroke I opened wider and wider.  The pain was still there, but right at the edges, something else was crawling though.  Something like ecstasy.

Through sweat dripped eyes, I looked up in the direction of his face.  It was covered by all that black hair, but then he threw his head back and growled.  I felt that growl in every place within my body.  Then he looked back down at me and his eyes were holes of burning coal.
“IT HAS BEEN DECIDED AND YOU WILL BE LILITH.” He said, in a voice that could never be considered human.
He then stopped and pulled out of me.

The relief was mixed up with a distinct feeling of being empty.  He reached down to my legs, which were spread out on either side of him and grabbed my ankles.  He brought my legs straight up into the air, so that the soles of my feet were aimed at the ceiling.

The position was uncomfortable and put strain on my leg muscles, but not unlike my pinned hands, I was unable to move them once he had them set.  He slid his hands down the small space between them, to where my mound sat, wet and steaming.  He lowered his head and parted my legs as he went.
From the position I was in, there was no way for me to see what he was doing.

There was a pause where nothing happened and I was just there, hands pinned and legs sticking straight up, slightly parted.  Then there was gust, like a desert wind…

It dawned on me what was to come next. I wondered if I would be awake for the whole thing and if I would remember who I was when it was done.

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I believe that what plagues us as human beings is that we have the capacity for both good and evil.

Because of this, we are forever chasing ourselves with shame, taken up like arms by our “good” side in order to torment our so-called “bad” side.

This series is my lullaby to each of us, dirty and brilliantly pure.

Each character is battling with their desire and it plays out in ways that pits the two halves of themselves against one another.

Desire is a powerful and oft time destructive thing, yet it is also what urges us forward and aides us in accomplishing incredible feats.

Journey with us through these tangled lives and see if you can decide who is the hero or the villain.


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