EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT: The Angel’s Name by Selena Rivera

The Angela Name by Selena Rivera

Genre: Erotica

Series: The Love & Lies Series

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1jBVaYf


I didn’t want this night to end, crazy thoughts were going through my head when Bobby-James came up behind me and wrapped a towel around me holding me close to him.

He placed his chin on my shoulder, his voice was tender. “There. You should be warm soon, I started a fire in the fireplace; it should warm up very soon.”

“Thank you.” I leaned my head back against his shoulders with my hands on his arms.

“Let’s go eat. I’m sure you must be starving. I know I am.”

He gently turned me so we were face to face. My heart stopped when I saw he was shirtless! I bit my lip at the sight of so much tanned flesh.

Oh my god, look at that body of his! A Greek god! I want him even more now.

His pecks were popping out, his abs look like solid chocolate waiting for me to take a bite, his tattoo made him look even sexier. Simply looking at his upper body was driving me insane; I wondered; is he big, is he wide…

Wow she stares at my body with desire burning in her eyes. I swear all I want is to skip supper and make love to her all night, make her mine forever. Looking at her always arouses me but I’m even more aroused with her completely soaked because of the rain. What a beautiful women she is.

Lightning strikes and thunder booms causing both of us to jump.

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The Angels Name Teaser 1


A love story that happened at first glance with a whirlwind of events about to change both their lives. When songwriter Rebecca Evans moves to Tennessee to pursue her career in writing music for a country singer, she meets cowboy football player, Bobby-James, who becomes an angel in her life. But she’s worried she must leave her world behind. Her grandma would never understand. Will Rebecca take a chance on a new life with the man she loves? Will it be the right choice?

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