EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT: Sweet Seduction by Lizabeth Scott

Sweet Seduction by Lizabeth Scott

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Series: A Royal Vow

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1hVs5VS


Shaking her head, Kassie couldn’t believe that was his only intention. He certainly was going to elaborate means to gain her attention. “Listen, just so you know…I respect myself and my mother too much to have sex before marriage. I also must set an example for those four little girls you just met. Now, do you have a meeting you are running late for?”

While her words did stun him, they didn’t repel him as she so obviously expected. A relationship without sex? Was that even possible? But looking at Kassie standing there, challenging him with her eyes, the declaration was not a deal breaker for him. If anything he was intrigued and respected her all the more.

“I will admit that I have never had such a frank conversation with a woman. But I do like knowing where we stand.” He stepped only a breath away from her. “But Kassie there are more fun things to do besides sex.” He leaned in and brushed his lips across hers.

Kassie surprised herself when she reached behind his head and pulled him into the kiss. Her inexperienced lips molded to his. Her body shook and her heart raced, her mind was a total blank. Nothing existed to her but Taj and this new feeling of free falling when his lips touched hers.

“Kassie, I can’t get the water to turn off again.” Taj broke the kiss regretfully, at the sound of little feet coming into the room, and turned a dazed Kassie around, away from prying little eyes. He knew that she would not want her sister to see her in a well kissed state. Yet he was pleased with her response to his kiss.

“Let me take a look at it, little one. Kassie is going to start dinner. Can you show me the way?” Taj followed Dani down the hall to the bathroom. On the way he observed only one other door other than the bathroom. He peered in and was momentarily stunned when he found only a double bed and a set of bunk beds. There was only room for a dresser and a small table with a lamp on it. How could a family of this size live in such a tiny apartment.

After fixing the cold water knob in the sink, he received a hug from Dani as payment. The bathroom was extremely clean. But the old fixtures had seen better days. The rug on the floor covered up missing tile. “Come darling. Let’s go check on your sister’s homework.”

Dani took his hand and led him into the bedroom where the girls were camped out on the three beds. Each one with their school books opened and working intently. “So, where does everyone sleep?”

Katia from the top bunk pointed, “Mami and the twins sleep in the big bed. Dani is on the bottom bunk and I am on the top.”

“What about Kassie?”

“She has her own room.” Dani led him from the small bedroom and walked into the living room. “She sleeps there.”

Taj looked at the small couch that Dani pointed at. It was more the size of a loveseat than a couch. Did Dani mean the living room was Kassie’s bedroom? “Does it pull out into a bed?” Taj asked.

Dani laughed, “That is funny, Mr. Taj.”

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Kassie had no time in her life for Prince Tajeria SuMartra. Her focus had to be on helping her mom raise her four younger sisters and keep their business going. So, when Prince Taj literally knocked her off her feet, she couldn’t understand why she allowed him into her life and into her arms.

Taj knew the moment he saw Kassie that she would somehow change his life. The only problem was she ran away before he could even get her name. The second time their paths crossed he not only found out her name but also the location of her family’s bakery. Now he had to get Kassie to admit that what they had together was more than just a passing attraction.

Each Royal Vow Series book can be read as a stand-alone. Sweet Seduction is a forty-five thousand word book, the third book in the series. The Royal SuMartra family characters re-appear in each story.

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