REVIEW: Buy Me 2 by Alexa Riley

buy me 2

Title: Buy Me 2

Author: Alexa Riley

Series: Mistress Auctions, Book 2

Genre: Erotica

Heat Level: Scorching (Off the Charts)



This book delivered exactly what I have come to expect from Alexa Riley. It was a quick, snappy, smutty read that has a possessive, dirty talking alpha that will do anything that it takes to claim his girl and obsession. I loved this H-O-T read.

For most of her adult life, Mandy has done exactly what is expected of her. As the executive assistant to 2 powerful brothers, she has taken charge of fighting fires and implementing what they want without any real focus on what she wants. But since the Cortez Brothers have settled down, she now desperately wants her own happily ever after.

Charles Townsend will do anything to get what he wants. And he has known since the first moment he saw her that, Mandy was the one for him. He is not above blackmail to get her and does exactly that to get her in his casino and close to him for 30 days. But all it has done is drive him even more wild for her. But with his tastes, he knows he will ruin her.

But when an opportunity is presented to him to buy her through the Mistress Auctions, he knows he can’t ignore this chance. But once he gets her, will he be able to keep her once their contract expires?

So this read has a bit more of an storyline than some other Alexa Riley books I have read. But don’t be fooled, much of the story is taken up with sex and a lot of it. That is just Alexa’s style of writing and book.

And you won’t be disappointed with these hot and sizzling scenes. They are detailed and crude and completely raw around the edges. But I am a fan of this pure smut and it works well for what is trying to be achieved. They are scorching and panty melting so if you blush easily make sure not to read in public.

These books are short and to the point, but are well written. They flow easily and capture you in the moment until you have read the last page.

I recommend this book to all fans of smutty romance that gets down and dirty with no apology. You won’t be disappointed but you will need a change of underwear.

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Welcome back to the Mistress Auction. This time it’s Halloween, and Mandy is going to have a wickedly good time.

Working for Charles was a nightmare, and now that Mandy’s time with him is up, there’s only one way to satisfy her suppressed desires. The Mistress Auction can help her get Charles out of her system and start afresh.

Charles has been watching and waiting for months. He has bided his time, and now is his chance to take what he wants. Mandy has entered the Mistress Auction, and he’s got a plan to make her his. But thirty days of her cuffed to his bed won’t be enough.

What do you do when the woman you want tries to run from you? Easy. Buy her.

Warning: This book plays with dominance and submission, cuffs, spankings, lap sitting, hair pulling, crawling, and begging… If any of that turns you on, then come play with Mandy and Charles. **STANDALONE**


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