REVIEW: Forced Submission Bundle by Alexa Riley

Half Cover - Forced

Title: Forced Submission Bundle (Books 1 – 3)

Author: Alexa Riley

Genre: Erotica

Heat Level: Scorching (Off the Charts)

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HOLY CRAP! There is no denying it, you get exactly what it says on the cover when you pick up an Alexa Riley book. If you are a fan of quick, dirty reads that are full on hot scenes and over the top situations, then you can’t go wrong with this boxset. Alexa Riley is without a doubt my fix for a smutty read.
I really must warn you, if you hav triggers then this is most likely not for you. The title doesn’t just suggest about the content, it gives you fair warning.

I LOVED all 3 books in this boxset. Each one centred around the same theme but Alexa did an awesome job of getting each book to stand on it own with different storylines and not the same old, same old in all 3 books.

Without a doubt, the men in all 3 books are over the top and extreme in their actions. There is nothing subtle about them or their actions when claiming “their” woman.

The one thing that I can assure you without a doubt is that Alexa Riley can write a sex scene so hot that your panties will feel like they are melting off you and that you will either need relief or a cold shower to recover from the state that she worked you up into. These scenes are so detailed and hot that you don’t even have to use your imagination. If your not a fan of full on, then don’t even bother with these.

But even though these stories are short, Alexa pulls you in from the first word and doesn’t release you until you have finished. Her writing is engaging, it’s raw, it’s completely and utterly dirty and while you know the content is something that shouldn’t make you hot, you can’t help but become inflamed.
What I do have to say is that each of these books comes with it’s own little twist. But you have to read them to find out.
I recommend these books to anyone who is looking for something that does not require much power to process, wants a dirty quickie and is not bothered by the dubious consent as the main theme across these books. Just be prepared with a change of undies after.
Taking What’s Mine (Book 1) takes you on an erotic journey of what happens when the town’s sheriff is unable to hold back his desires for the 2nd grade teacher anymore. He is done waiting and puts into play a deliberate plan to take her and make her his at any cost, even if she is not willing. What is not expected is the way that she reacts internally to her situation. Will she survive her ordeal, or will his possession break her?
Taking What’s Ours (Book 2) throws you into a situation where 2 alpha’s have decided that they are going to take a woman that has been teasing them for months. They do not care that she has no say in the matter, and don’t particularly care if she wants it or not. Nothing is going to stand in Hudson & Ridge’s way of claiming Charlotte, but will they achieve their goal or be sunk by the situation?
Taking What’s Mine (Book 3) features a possessive female that is tired of waiting and being ignored by the one that she wants. She has tried everything in her power to get him to take notice, but nothing has worked. She concocts a plan that places him fairly in her sights without any choice in the matter. She wants him and she will have him – there is no doubt about it. But what will he do when faced with the situation? Will he surrender quietly or will there be hell to pay?

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This bundle has a sneak peek at the next book in the Forced Submission Series ‘Taking What’s His’ and all the books have never before seen epilogues! See how all the couple are doing years later.

Taking What’s Mine (Forced Submission Book 1)         

Alone at night in the middle of nowhere. The town sheriff pulls me over. I should be safe.

I’m not.

Nothing could have prepared me for what he had planned. And my darkest desires should have remained a secret. But it seems he knows everything about me.

I’m his now, and only I will do.

Warning: This book contains situations involving forced submission and dubious consent. The hero is obsessed beyond control. Nothing can stop him from the only woman he’ll ever have. These themes are triggers for some but sweet candy for others. If you’re willing to hold off judgement until the last page the ending is worth it, I promise.

Taking What’s Ours (Forced Submission Book 2)

You can’t tease two alpha men like Hudson and Ridge and not expect consequences, not when you’ve become their every obsession.

They have a target…but their one obstacle has long legs, thick curves, and a mouth made for sin.

They do everything together, and Charlotte is no exception. She tempted them…and now they’ve come to collect. Together.

Can they take what they want and still stick to the plan? Five feet, seven inches of lush addiction says no.

Warning: This book contains situations involving forced submission, dubious consent, and every other scenario surrounding that genre. The heroes are obsessed beyond control. Nothing can stop them from having the only woman they’ll ever want. These themes are triggers for some but sweet candy for others. If you’re willing to hold off judgement until the last page the ending is worth it, I promise.

Taking What’s Hers (Forced Submission Book 3)

We’ve all been that girl.

Maybe you did a little social media stalking to check him out. Maybe you just drove by his house to see if he was home. Maybe you took it a step further and followed him once or twice.

We’ve all gone a little crazy over a guy before.

I went a little crazy. That’s how Archer Ware ended up tied to the bed. I should probably feel bad about it, and maybe once I get what I want, I will. But right now he’s mine, and that’s all I care about.

This isn’t the forced submission story you’re used to. Valentina will stop at nothing to have the man she wants, and Archer can only take what she gives.

Warning: This book contains an obsessed heroine at threat-level red, a sexy billionaire with a secret of his own, and a story so hot, firefighters can’t put out the flames.

Not responsible if firefighters show up looking to help you out.


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