EXCERPT: Sweet Charity by Sherri Crowder

Sweet Charity by Sherri CrowderGenre: Erotica


Before she knew it, Jackson had lifted her up, and carried her over to the pub style table on the deck.  Lost in his kisses, she didn’t even realize that Jackson had completely unbuttoned his shirt that she was wearing, and had pulled it down off her shoulders, as he leaned her naked body back, and spread over the table.  His lips left hers, as he kissed first her neck just under her ear, and then lightly nipped and kissed his way down to her aching nipples.  Charity moaned and panted, loving the feel of Jackson’s lips on her sensitive skin.

Jackson loved how Charity’s body reacted to him…the quickening of her breath, the goose bumps that broke out when his lips touched a particularly sensitive spot, the swelling and hardening of her pink nipples, so ready for the touch of his fingers and his mouth.  As Charity grasped at his head and shoulders in frantic abandon, he knew he had never taken as much pleasure in sex, with any woman before.

Slowly licking and tasting his way down her belly towards her pussy, Jackson reached down to caress her between her thighs.  She was so wet and hot and her clit was so swollen, he just wanted to sink his cock deep inside her, and he didn’t want to wait a second more.

Charity cried out as he stood up and moved away from her, until she saw him reach for the buttons on his faded Levi’s.  Looking up into his eyes again, Charity pleaded, “Hurry Jackson, I need you!  I need to feel you inside me yesterday.”

This only served to make his cock swell harder still, as it burst from his jeans when he let them drop around his ankles.  Without further preamble, Jackson moved back between her splayed thighs and plunged deep into her waiting pussy.  He didn’t know what it was about Charity, but every time he entered her, it was all he could do not to come immediately.  She had the tightest and hottest pussy he’d ever known, and the way her muscles squeezed him…fuck, he’d never known such a feeling.

They were both so frantic that there was no gentleness about this.  No, this was straight fucking. He thrust in and out of her fast and furiously, not holding back in any way.  He splayed his hands across her belly and at times, kneaded her breasts, as he pounded in and out until Charity’s breath became almost strangled, her moans became screams, and she dug her finger nails into his arms.  He felt her insides turn from fluttering to spasms and her internal muscles gripping at his cock.  As Jackson drove home hard one more time, Charity lost all control as she came with such a force, her body convulsed on the table.  Then pulling out once more, and surging forward with a loud grunt, Jackson groaned and moaned loudly, as he too came, inside Charity’s warm body.  Her pussy milked his cock of every last possible drop of cum, and completely spent Jackson lay over top of Charity, as her body wrestled to overcome the tremors still rocking it.

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Sweet Charity is the story of Jackson and Charity. Charity, always the beloved small town girl meets Jackson the president of a local motorcycle club when his contracting company undertakes renovations on a new building for her restaurant Sweet Charity’s. When they first meet there is an immediate attraction although neither acts upon it as Charity is currently in a relationship with a member of a rival motorcycle club, although she didn’t know that when she started dating him. When that relationship ends Jackson pursues Charity full out. Their relationship comes with some challenges. First will Charity even entertain a relationship with another biker? Then of course there’s the question of how Charity will take to club life, having never been exposed to it before, and what about the new Black Maverick’s family that come along with Jackson? Tommy, her ex, also has a lot to say about her new boyfriend. Come along for the ride that is Sweet Charity!


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