EXCERPT: Compulsive by Lia Fairchild

Compulsive by Lia FairchildGenre: Contemporary


I must have dozed off, because my eyes popped open at sounds and smells coming from the kitchen. I turned to find Nathan at the stove, his back to me. I stared at his broad shoulders and examined how his back muscles pressed tightly inside his white T-shirt and his half-sleeve tattoo showed on his left arm. For a moment, an image flashed in my mind of me grasping that shirt in my eager fists and pulling it over his head. I sighed, closed my eyes, and then took a deep breath, drawing in the scent of bacon. Yes, better to focus on food.

When I opened my eyes, he turned toward the sink, grabbing my gaze with his. “Hey, gorgeous. You hungry?” he asked with an innocent grin.


“Then you better get your ass over here and make something. This is all mine.”

I grinned and scoffed. “So, you can cook for hundreds of people every day, but not me?”

He kept his head down as he rinsed a glass bowl in the sink. “Well, they do pay me and…I think I’ve done enough for you today.” Those dark eyes peeked up at me, testing my reaction.

I reached for my phone, aimlessly scrolling without paying attention to him. I reread the last text I got from Evyn, asking me how things were going with Dr. Wallace. Another person in my life who amazingly hadn’t given up on me…yet. I went to my pictures and clicked on camera roll. I thought of the boy in the window and started scrolling to the top of the list until I found what I was looking for. I brushed my finger across Noah’s smiling face before clicking it off.

When nothing but silence came from Nathan, I rose from the couch and went to sit at the bar.

“I’m really getting off that easy?”

“What would be the point of asking?” he said as he pulled plates from the cupboard.

He knew I couldn’t stand when he turned things around on me like that. “Last night wasn’t a plan, you know? Let’s call it…a setback.”

He grabbed the pan from the stove and gracefully shifted a piled of eggs onto each plate.


I’d always found watching his cooking to be sexy and artistic, but today my irritation took over. “You’re an ass,” I said, taking the plate from his hand and adding a couple of strips of bacon.

Nathan ran a hand through his wavy dark hair in frustration. “Fine…Did you even like the guy?”

“Sure.” I smiled. “He’s highly intelligent. A corporate lawyer or something.”

Nathan’s head fell to his chest. He shook it a couple of times and then sighed. I wasn’t trying to annoy him; it was just how things worked out for us sometimes.

“Fine,” I said before picking up my fork. “I couldn’t hear a damn word he said over that annoying music they were playing, but I did like how he kept staring at my legs.” I scooped a bit of eggs into my mouth and chewed while Nathan regarded whether or not this answer was the truth. If anyone could tell that from me it was him. And sometimes I wanted someone to know about me.

“Jeez, Gray. You’re the only woman I know who gets off on pervs ogling her body.”

“He wasn’t a perv.” I stared straight ahead, avoiding the angry eyes that seared into my skin.

His reactions seemed to be getting worse. It wasn’t like I never had to deal with this crap from him.

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