EXCERPT: Business by Zoe Danielle

Business by Zoe DanielleGenre: Contemporary


When it is time to leave we decide to share a ride together, the four of us pile into my limousine, we drop Hannah off at her house first of all, and then drop off Jack at the hotel and Matt and I get dropped off at my house.

“Nice place.” Matt says when we get inside. He’s right, it is a nice house, a little big considering I live here alone — well, that’s when Debbie isn’t here, so it’s just really me and the security men who sit outside at the gatehouse.

“Thanks — my dad built it for me.” I smile. “Would you like a drink? I have champagne and beer?” I offer

“No thanks, I’m not thirsty, I’m hungry.”

“I could make us a pizza—“

Before I know it his lips are on mine devouring me, the kiss is deep and passionate, but soon escalates as we are both desperate with hunger. Without breaking our kiss Matt slides his hand up the slit of my dress rubbing my bare thigh. His other hand palms my breast through my dress and I moan at the pleasure rippling through me. My own hands start fumbling with his suit jacket and with his help it falls to the floor. I start to open the buttons on the waist coat and peel it off him. He breaks our kiss and moves round to my ear where he starts to nibble on my lobe, my head falls back to enjoy this moment. When I look back I realize he has pulled his shirt off and is now completely topless. I take a few moments to admire his toned torso and bulging biceps. This man should really

have a modelling contract or something.

It doesn’t take me long to realize that his arms aren’t the only thing that is rock hard. I rub the growing bulge which is starting to show through his pants.

“Fuck Casey, I want you so bad.” Matt growls

I undo his trousers and push them and his underwear down and his cock instantly springs to life. I really cannot find a fault with this man. He is huge. I start to worry if he is going to fit.

His hand runs back up my bare thigh and finds my panties and slips inside, pushing a finger inside my opening to make sure I am wet enough before sliding another finger in and fucking me with two fingers.

“You’re ready for me Casey, come here, turn around” He instructs me, his voice full with authority and I follow as he bends me over the back of my couch and lifts my dress up. Within moments his fingers are inside me the pace faster than last time. As his fingers continue to fuck me harder and faster I let my head fall back and enjoy every moment.

As I begin to reach the brink of my climax I begin to shudder, Matt reaches his spare hand round and begins to rub my clit. A violent orgasm runs through my whole body and leaves me feeling limp.

“You are so sexy when you cum for me Casey. Your pussy is so beautiful when it is throbbing.” He growls from behind me.

Within moments I feel him against my opening and with one strong thrust he is inside me, I can feel my walls stretching to accommodate him. The next thrust he is fully inside of me.

“Fuck Casey, you’re so tight!” He hisses, “You feel so fucking good.”

He pulls back out, leaving me feeling empty, waiting for my next dose. With one fierce stroke he is back inside of me. I cry out and he lets out a low grumble of pleasure. He quickens his pace clutching tightly on my hips as every inch of his cock fills me. I cry out as my second orgasm shakes through me. Matt pumps into me harder and faster to drag my orgasm out as long as he can and after several more thrusts he finds his own release.

His cock jerking inside me, he cries out.

We barely sleep that night, our hunger for each other evident so when we make it upstairs it isn’t long until we are at it again, just like in the kitchen, en suite and dining room.

Whenever his hands aren’t on me, I instantly miss his touch; I crave it and then regret what I had done.

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Business Teaser 1

Read full spotlight in Issue #7 of Redhot Romance


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