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Title: HIDE The Black Letters Series : Part One

Author: Brooke Page

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Release Date: August 31, 2015

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Grand Rapids was my saving grace. My new job and my best friend kept me grounded, and far away from my past.
This was my new life.
And I was safe.

But then I was transferred to Miami where I began working with Mitch Conklin, the site manager. He was sexy as sin, and irritating as hell. He drove me crazy, but I couldn’t deny the chemistry. He was begging for me to take his bait, and I wanted to…

Until he found me.

My heart raced…
My palms began to sweat…
And the air was stolen from my lungs.

This was my life.
And no one was safe

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Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00074]

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4 flames

It is when I read books like this that I remember why I like Romantic Suspense so much. I also wonder why I don’t read it more often. Brooke did an excellent job in melding the mystery and suspense with ultra thick and hot sexual tension. Wow…that prologue really captured my attention. From the first couple of pages of this book I was hooked, wanting to know what would come from what transpired in those first couple of pages. As with any good romantic suspense, I was intrigued and had a need to know more.

Despite having close relationships with the Conklin men and her best friend Becca, Jamie has a secret that she is too ashamed to share. It is a secret  that has gotten her and those that she loved in dire trouble in the past. It is for this reason she fights against having any close relationships, especially with a man that she is attracted to. That is until the constant flirting and innuendo with Mitch Conklin takes a turn towards something more.

Mitch Conklin has always been seen as the trouble maker of the 3 Conklin brothers. It is for this reason that his brothers decided he needed a change and moved him to their Miami office. But now he is working in close quarter’s with Jamie. And this has him questioning if he wants to continue his playboy ways or finally take a chance on something more and possibly settle down. Can the two of them continue to ignore the sexual attraction to maintain their secrets, or will it all come to an explosive and sexually charged head?

I have to say that I really, really enjoyed Mitch’s witty banter throughout this book. It made for a stark contrast to the suspense aspect and broke up some of the angst. There were moments when I was rolling my eyes it was so cheesy – but I loved every single moment of it. It was refreshing having a main male character that wasn’t so brooding, even though he had the arrogance bit down pat. Brooke did an excellent job at drawing me into how he felt and making me empathize with him. Of course some of his actions were douchery, but it was not so over the top that it took away from the core of who he was.

Without a doubt there were stages of this book that I found it hard to be sympathetic to Jamie’s character. There were instances where her actions left me scratching my head because she did such an abrupt about face. I understand that she had her reasons for acting this way but it made it hard for me to connect with her character enough to be completely sympathetic with her plight. And I guess the way that when I felt she used Nathan just knocked me a bit off kilter. Yet in saying that, as I understood her plight a bit more I did come around. There were moments when she was so sweet and not caught up in herself that I forgot that she annoyed me.

Brooke did an excellent job of building the crackling sexual tension between Jamie and Mitch. I loved the way that it progressed between these two where they fought against what they were feeling until it was impossible to ignore. And when they did finally come together it was explosive and hot.

The suspense in this book was well written. As a reader you were captured in the moment and the need to know what had happened to lead everyone to where they were. The way that Brooke wove the story of Jamie’s past through what was happening in the present grabbed me throughout the entire book. I found myself hooked and wanting to know why Jamie acted the way that she did. I was enthralled as the story unwound and I got more involved in her past.

GAH…the ending…I now eagerly await for book 2 in November.

This book had everything that you would expect in a romantic suspense. Brooke Page had me hooked on the storyline and championing for the main characters the entire book. I recommend this book to all lovers of romantic suspense with moments of steam and great wit and banter.


Sexy young couple kissing and playing in bed.


Sexy young couple kissing and playing in bed.

Sexy young couple kissing and playing in bed.


I had been sitting in this diner for three hours, my gaze fixated on the apartment building across the street.

“Do you need anything else, sugar?” the plump older woman asked as she held a coffee pot in one hand and a cloth in the other.

“No, thank you,” I rasped without meeting her eyes. It was 12 am, and my heart raced faster with each passing moment.

I was waiting for the girl who’d stolen my heart. When she’d left earlier, her caramel hair was curled, floating over her perfect breasts; breasts that should have been covered up, but instead were on full display under her black halter top.

Anger fueled me as I pictured her leaving her apartment. She had looked confident and sexy, her head held high as though she were about to take over the world. Thankfully, her midriff wasn’t showing tonight, but her skirt was too short, revealing her toned thighs; thighs that needed to be wrapped around my waist, the sky-high black heels digging into my back.

I shifted in my seat, my arousal trying to overpower my anger. That was always my problem. I mixed the two together in a dangerous way. It was why she no longer wanted me.

Taking a deep breath, I pulled my phone from my hoodie pocket. The agony of not knowing where she was tortured me. I needed to distract myself until she came home. I pulled up the most recent background check on her, divulging nothing new since she’d moved out of her apartment a month ago into a new one.

I should have followed her tonight, but I knew my emotions would overtake me, blowing my cover. I wasn’t ready to swoon her back into my life, not yet. I still had a few things to take care of; a few thing to make disappear.

She’d want me if I could provide for her. She’d want me again if she knew I got help. She’d want me again once all those other assholes were out of her system.

I knew this was true because she never stayed with them, and if it seemed like they were starting to stick, I reminded her I was still here by sending her my love notes.

I pulled my hood down farther over my head, trying to count to ten before I’d explode. Then I saw her through the glass of the diner, smiling and giggling with her roommate. My heart fluttered at the sight of her happiness.

I used to make her happy.

I could still make her happy.

Only a few more things needed to be done.

But then all those warm feelings turned to stone as I watched the two douche bags walking behind Jamie and her roommate. The smiles on their faces were ones I knew well. Their shirts were too tight, stretching over their muscles They were about to get some—at least they thought they were.. I glanced down at my arms; I could stand to up my weight on the bench press again.

“Sure you don’t need anything else?” the waitress asked again. Now she was hovering, which only irritated me more.

My breathing increased as the meatheads followed them inside.

“Can I get another coffee, please? And a grilled cheese with bacon,” I demanded, squeezing packets of sugar in between my palms.


A few more hours had gone by, and controlling my sanity was getting harder and harder. What was she doing with those men inside her apartment? Was she with one while her roommate with the other? Maybe they were just playing cards, watching a movie?

Yeah, watching a movie. The last time I’d watched a movie with Jamie our pants were around our ankles.

Just as I was about to storm out of the diner, activity started to move in front of her apartment building.

It was Jamie, disheveled and wearing a tank top and little shorts; her ass would hang out if she bent over far enough. And that meathead was there, behind her, a smug grin plastered on his face.

I wanted to rip his jaw in half.

Standing from my seat, I paced the diner, my eyes glued to the interactions I feared they’d begin to share.

Then it happened.

She stepped toward him, wrapping her arms around his neck. His hands moved around her waist, reaching for her butt. I saw red when he grabbed it as though it were his, and that little slut let him. In fact, by the way she pressed into him, moving to kiss his lips, I’d say she enjoyed it.

I gripped my hair, willing myself not to do what my head was telling me, but there was no use. Watching them say goodbye tore me apart, fueling my rage for what I was about to do. She gently pushed him away, the one good thing she’d done since that meathead was in her presence.

She closed the door with a satisfied grin on her face while that fucker practically skipped down the steps.

He wouldn’t be skipping for long.

Follow him.

Make him pay.

Make him realize he can never fucking touch her again.





Brooke Page is an independent author, wife, mother of two, and romance novel junkie. She lives in Grand Rapids MI, where her Conklin’s Trilogy is based. When she is not busy tending to her family you can find her writing on her laptop at the local coffee shop or reading one of her many favorite books. She loves to connect with her readers and discover new authors.

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