EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT: Unforeseen by Krystal White

Unforseen_JPEGGenre: New Adult


It’s nearly six o’clock and we leave the pool so we can head inside and get dressed for dinner. Surprisingly, the guys all decided to stay and join us. I still recall how things went sour right after our meaningful conversation about the difference between hookups and girlfriends. Once the guys made up their minds, they decided it was time to send the girls back home. The news was not well received by any of the girls. In fact, their leader looked livid. For a moment there I thought she was going to come after me, but then decided against it. I am sure I just made an enemy, but I won’t dwell on it now.

We all head inside, and go upstairs to shower and change. Apparently, they all have clothes here as they often stay for sleepovers. I walk into my room and as I am about to shut the door something prevents it from closing. When I look at the floor I notice a foot has wedged itself between the door and the frame. When I raise my head I see it is Kyle asking permission with his eyes to come inside. I hesitate for a second before allowing him access. Kyle takes in my room and before I can ask why he’s here he assaults me with an all-consuming kiss. The kiss is so hot I can’t even attempt to stop it. Suddenly, Kyle places both hands on my ass, lifting me up like I was weightless and all I can do is wrap my legs around his waist. He walks us to my couch without breaking our embrace or stopping our kiss. His tongue is demanding access into my mouth and I gladly let it in. I take this opportunity to explore his glorious body and I frantically roam it becoming familiar with his strong chest, arms and back. However, the moment I run my fingers through his silky strands I am a goner. This guy is absolute perfection.

A moan escapes his lips as he pulls back. “Fuck, Alessandra. I’ve never felt anything like this. You drive me crazy.” He doesn’t let me reply. Instead, he devours my lips yet again. He then openly roams my body sending a jolt of warmth to my core while spreading goose bumps all over my body. Kyle then unties my bikini top and lowers his head taking in my right breast and sucking it for a while before he bites my nipple with just enough force to confuse my brain and all of my pleasure/pain receptors along with it. Kyle continues to work on both breasts greedily sucking, squeezing and biting when Tristan knocks on the door reminding us that dinner will be served in twenty minutes.

We reluctantly stop and after looking into each other’s eyes he helps me stand. “We will continue this tonight, Alessandra.” Kyle declares as his right hand sneaks inside my bikini bottom and his index goes inside my opening, which is drenched from our steamy encounter. After Kyle removes his finger he brings it into his mouth and licks it clean. I know I should be repulsed or somewhat disgusted by this. Instead, I am even more turned on and if I’m honest, I think that’s the most sensual thing I’ve ever seen!

Kyle grabs my hand and brings it to his crotch. He chuckles as I am sure he notices how my eyes open as big as flying saucers. I am no dick expert as I’ve only seen Kellan’s in person and a few on a couple of porn movies, but this feels huge! My mouth suddenly feels too dry as I think about what it would feel like to have something so big inside of me. Will it fit? Will I enjoy it? Will it hurt?

“Don’t worry, Alessandra, it will fit and you will love every second of it. I promise.” OMG! Can he read my mind as well? Kyle winks as he leaves my room giving me space to calm myself down and get ready for dinner.

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