EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT: Deliverance for Amelia by Bonny Capps

Deliverance for AmeliaGenre: Dark Erotica


“Good morning.” A deep voice says, startling me from my usual “wake up” routine.

My eyes dart open to the source.

It’s a man. A gorgeous man. I can see the shade of his forest green eyes from where I am on the bed and his dark blonde hair is stylishly unkempt. He’s wearing a white dress shirt, the sleeves rolled up at the elbows and blue jeans. His muscles are evident, even the fabric of the starched material of the shirt cannot hide them. He’s like a Greek god. His jaw is strong and defined, his nose perfectly placed above beautifully curved lips. I’ve never met a man that looks like him. Not once. It should be a sin.

However, there is something sinister hiding under that beauty. I can’t put my finger on it – but danger emanates from him, so strong that the air in the room seems to be restricted.

My eyes linger on him momentarily before traveling to my surroundings. The room has white walls and there is a single abstract painting above the black dresser across from the matching four post bed that I’m currently occupying. A flat screen TV is mounted in the corner of the room and there is a large white bearskin rug draped over the shiny black tile. The modern room is sparse of any other furniture, other than a bookshelf stocked with literature.

My eyes fall to the weight on my ankle and I gasp when I realize that I’m chained to the handsome stranger’s bed.

My eyes dart to his, “Who-who are you?”

He smiles as he approaches me, “My name is Gabriel – Gabe for short – but you will refer to me as Master.”

The bed dips when he sits beside me and I quickly gather my knees to my chest, “What am I doing here?”

“All in due time, sweet Amelia. Right now I would like for you to bathe and change into the clothes that I have laid out for you. Then we will go have brunch.”

He stands and reaches towards my ankle. My breath hitches as I attempt to scramble to the headboard like a frightened animal before he grasps my ankle and pulls me towards him, my back hitting the mattress. He places his hands on each side of my head as his large form leans over mine.

His face is about an inch from mine as his breath spreads across my lips, “You will not run from your Master. If I choose to touch you,” He pauses as he runs a large hand down my side, causing my body to tremble profusely, “then I will.”

I part my lips – I want to scream, but I’m too afraid to. I don’t want to piss this psycho off . My brain springs forward into survival mode. I’m a logical person, currently I’m up against a huge guy who could very well kill me. I have to be smart.

“Okay.” I manage to squeak out through trembling lips as I nod my head haltingly, “Okay.”

“Yes, Master.” He growls, correcting me.

“Y-yes Master.” I whimper.

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