End Game by Willa Thorne

End Game by Willa Thorne

Series: The Manhattan Tales, Book 3

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Level: Scorching

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Their story began with his plan for revenge. British Billionaire, Mason Woodward, thought he had a flawless plan for revenge, until he fell in love with Jillian Pryor, the woman he planned to use in his scheme.

The plan seemed simple. I’d use her every which way, and then send her back to her brother with a clear message: You had your fun, and I had mine. Little did I know that I’d fall for her…

When she discovered his secrets, the tables turned. For the first time in years, she was the only person to stand up to him.
He has no hold on me now… I can play my own game of payback.
Now, the games are over, but their story continues. Secrets will be revealed and hardship will be faced. This is the third, concluding book surrounding Mason and Jillian.

His Pawn (The Manhattan Tales 1)
Queen In Play (The Manhattan Tales 2)
End Game (The Manhattan Tales 3)


4 flames

What an awesome conclusion to Mason & Jillian’s story. This book had everything that I have come to expect from Willa Thorne. This book drew me in and set my emotions on a tight wire. Perfect combination of kink and suspense. I loved that she always keeps me guessing.

This book is not a standalone and picks up where His Queen left off.

Nothing has been easy on Jillian & Mason’s journey of love and this book has been no different. With the secrets swirling around Mason after the conclusion of His Queen, he is left to deal with the aftermath and is forced to leave Jillian to handle his affairs. This has a direct effect on Jillian but she remains blissfully unaware and completely in love, just the way that he wants.

But the lingering concern is can he protect what he cherishes so dear? Will Mason & Jillian finally be able to navigate the rocky roads to get the happily ever after that they have fought tooth and nail for? Can Mason & Jillian overcome any adversity and have their love intact and as strong as ever.

As I have come to expect from Mason he needs to be in control inside and outside the bedroom. But what I love about him in this book is that long gone is the arrogant jerk that only saw Jillian as a means of revenge. Instead he has been replaced by a protector who will do anything to keep his woman safe, even if it blurs the boundaries. Through all his actions it is evident that he is truly and deeply in love with Jillian and wants to give Jillian the future she deserves. But don’t get me wrong – he is still one dominant and kinky bastard.

And that Jillian is no longer a naive doormat for Mason is an awesome progression. She is now confident in her submission and need for Mason. She fully accepts the life that she will have with him. The way that she handled all the situations that were thrown to her throughout this book, and indeed the entire series, showed her for the sassy and strong female lead that she was.

This book still had a healthy dose of steamy scenes and kink. Willa is unreal and writing them and setting the mood. They sure get you hot and squirmy but they are an explosive collision between the two.

The storyline is well written and Willa has really hit her stride in this third installment. The plot was fast paced, well written and had me desperate to know what happened next. I loved how she brought in side characters to help build the tension and compliment the main storyline. I sure hope that some of them get their own stories.

If you love trilogies that capture a perfect blend of romance, suspense, steam and kink, then you need to pick up the entire series. I recommend this book and series to all romance lovers that love a side of kink and dominance.

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