EXCERPT: His Pawn by Willa Thorne

His Pawn Cover

Genre: Contemporary Romance

As I reminisced about the memories, which caused anger to simmer within me, I suddenly felt the gentle vibe of my mobile in my pocket.  Quickly, I glanced at the gadget under the table to sneak a look at the incoming caller.  A local number lights up the screen and I grip the mobile so hard, I nearly crack it.  A name does not pop up, but even after all these years, I recognize that number. Travis Pryor.  Why the fuck is he ringing me?

My teeth clench as I let the call go to voicemail.  My knuckles tighten when I hear the single vibration indicating that I have a waiting voice message.  Fuck him.  I assume he is drunk dialing as he did several times, attempting to apologize when we first fell out of being friends.

Perhaps it was the champagne on an empty stomach, but the waiting voice message was eating at me.  I considered deleting the message without listening to it. After thirty minutes, I felt my self-control wane.

“Shitsurei shimasu,” I excused myself from the table to listen to the message.  I was curious what rubbish he’d have for me this time.  I stepped outside into the cold night air and held the phone up to my ear as I listened for the presumably drunken slurs that would assault my ear.  Why I decided to torture myself with this bullshit, I do not know, but I am glad I did not delete the message.  Because what I heard next was not what I expected.

“Hi… um, Mason- It’s Jillian, Jillian Pryor.  I know you don’t want to see me or my brother, but… I don’t know who else to call.  I don’t have anywhere to go…” Her voice on the message was shaky.  She was most likely crying or she was cold.  It was in fact snowing lightly at the moment.

“Please, please call me back.  This is my number now.  Travis gave me his old phone.  I hope you’re ok… ok, bye.”

Then the message ended.  I replayed it again to ensure that I was hearing correctly.  Yes, I remembered Travis’s little sister.  How could I not?  She was a bouncy yet shy, sweet thing and a bit nerdy and awkward in appearance, but I recall that he was insanely protective of her.

I stared at my mobile as I felt a grin form on my face.  A plan was hatching at that very moment.  This was too good to be true; The way this could work out seemed too easy. I had a way with women, and it would take nothing for an uncomfortable, socially awkward little thing like Jillian Pryor to melt around me.

If Travis could take the love of my life from me, then I could take his little sister.  An eye for an eye.  I felt the smirk on my face darken as I dialed the number and held the phone to my ear.

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