Guided Love by Tracie Redmond

Guided Love - BANNER

(The Prick Series, #1)

Author: Tracie Redmond

Release Date: July 13, 2015




Sam Jacobs has been best friends with Camaron Willis since the second grade. Ever since the day they met her heart belonged to him.

Now graduating from college Sam moves across the country to start their life together. They have been planning this for years, she will help him with his tattoo business while writing her first novel. Together, they will make their dreams come true.

Life and people change, Sam finds herself discovering that the one you thought you always wanted may not be the one you need.

Sometimes life guides you to places you always should have been.

My Review

5 flames

WOW…. So I went into this book expecting a particular type of story from the blurb. What I got was so much more than I expected. While there was large doses of the angst that I expected from a love triangle, for me this was a book more about discovery – of one’s self, life lessons, importance of following your dreams and of course love so strong that you can’t deny it’s pull.

Sam always believed that her fate and future were intertwined with her best friend Camaron’s. The two of them planned to go through life supporting each other to help achieve their dreams. It is with this belief that Sam uproots her life and moves across the country to join Camaron run his tattoo shop. Sam just knows that they are meant to be together and can’t wait to start her life with Camaron.

If there has been one constant in Camaron’s life, it has been his best friend Sam. She has been there right by his side being his champion to live out his dreams. He is excited that he and his best friend will be reunited after her graduation and help out at his tattoo palor – Two Pricks.

Axel agrees to do his business partner and best friend Camaron a favour by picking Sam up from the airport when she arrives. What he was not expecting was to be swept away by the beautiful woman that she was. Camaron had always described her as plain – not the vision in front of him. Regardless of his attraction, he knows that Sam is off limits because of Camaron.

When these 3 lives collide, the explosion and the effect will be far reaching and long lasting. But can any of them survive the fallout and find happiness, or are they all destined to be hurt?

I absolutely loved Sam in this book. She was not perfect and she made a lot of mistakes, both in reading situations and in the way that she acted, but there was no mistake that everything that she did was genuine. I was so emotionally invested in her path of self discovery, that I at times I was left completely devastated for her.

As much as I tried, I think that Tracie has given me a main character that I totally hated. To me, Camaron was an arrogant, self-centred jerk – and not in a good way. His total lack of respect and care of the implications of his actions to those that he said he cared about was too much for me. While there were glimpses of him trying to be a better person, it was not enough to redeem himself in my eyes.

Axel stole my heart and I don’t want it back. He is everything that you look for in a man. He is patient and understanding. He loves fully and unconditionally. And every time that Sam needs him, he is there to provide support and comfort. I loved when his protective instincts kicked in and he defended those he loved with everything that he had. But by far his best quality is his understanding nature and selfless actions, all guided by his devotion. Shit the man made me swoon throughout the book.

What can I say about Ellie? She will steal your heart and fill you with overwhelming love and compassion. She will impart life lessons that are applicable in just about every situation. Her wisdom and selflessness touch you and her unconditional love and kind nature are a blessing to everyone. But her spunky and sassy attitude was a breath of fresh air and she really was the star of great portions of this book.

The sexual tension throughout this book was a living thing – it crackled and moved fluidly between all of the main players. Tracie did an unreal job of building the tension and anxiety surrounding the relationships until you thought you were going to combust.

The steamy scenes in this book just added the right mix to the storyline. They were hot and had me squirming as I read them.

The best thing about this book though, is that it makes you feel as if you are experiencing the journey with the characters. And to me that is a testament to a great writer. I both laughed and cried at different times throughout this book. There were also moments where I wanted to through my kindle out of frustration of what the characters were doing.

But without a doubt I would recommend this book to all lovers of angst and romance. You will not be disappointed with taking a chance on this debut author as her storytelling is exceptional. If a debut this great, I can’t wait to read more from Tracie.

*I was provided a copy of this book by the author**


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He forgot me, he actually forgot me. I am standing here looking out at the crowd of people waiting for their loved ones and I don’t see Camaron anywhere. Ugh, seriously, you would think that after not seeing your best friend for the last two years, you would make sure to pick her up at the airport. I grab my phone and send a quick text, he probably is just parking.

Me: Hey Camaron where are you?

I don’t get a response back and take my bags and head outside. I look around and see tons of cars and people, but no Camaron. I decide to grab a bench and wait. I pull up my kindle app on my phone and continue to read the romance novel I started on the plane. Leverage by Jessica Wilde—now this story has captured my attention, especially Shades, talk about a great alpha male. He is definitely my new book boyfriend.  I am so wrapped up with the story I didn’t realize that someone is standing next to me, looking down at me. I take my eyes away from my phone and realize that he is talking to me.


“Samantha . . . Samantha Jacobs.”  I look up and see a man, with dark brown hair, gorgeous brown eyes and a beard, talking to me. I must look idiotic because he laughs and gives me a smirk and says again.

“Are you Samantha Jacobs?”

About the Author

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I was born and raised in Northeastern, Pennsylvania where I still live today with my husband and three beautiful children. Like everyone, I have had my ups and downs and have seen my life take a complete change.

Previously, I was a working mom putting in 60 hours a week as a Financial Advisor but with the sudden loss of my mom who was my best friend I found myself giving up the suits and meetings for jeans and snack time. I have always had the passion for reading and found an escape through the words of all the talented authors I have read. My passion allowed me the opportunity to blog and to get a wonderful insight into the indie world. I have enormous pride and stay true to the characters and their stories as they reveal themselves to me. I am so excited to have this opportunity to share my stories and hope you love them as much as I do.



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