Coming to Hale by Marie James

Series: Hale, Book One

Genre: Erotica, Contemporary Romance

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The only time she trusted someone with her heart, she was just a girl; he betrayed her and left her humiliated. Since then, Lorali Bennett has let that moment in time dictate her life.

Ian Hale, sexy as sin business mogul, has never had more than a passing interest in any particular woman, until a chance encounter with Lorali, leaves a lasting mark on him.

Their fast paced romance is one for the record books, but what will happen when Ian’s secrets come to light? Especially when those secrets will cost her everything she spent years trying to rebuild.

This is a standalone contemporary novel. The next book in the Hale series is Alexa and Garrett’s story: Begging for Hale.

Recommended for readers 18 and up due to strong language and explicit sexual content.


4.5 stars

5 flames
HOLY HELL! This book is a must read if you are a fan of hot and steamy books and dirty talking alphas. Marie James really turns up the heat and put her unique twist on this story.

A chance and very brief encounter in a laundromat put Ian & Lorali on each other’s radar. Both are sent on a tailspin of lust and fantasy that is unexpected and strong. Neither can get the other out of their head. Regardless, each is realistic in believing that they will not see the other again and set on working to forget the brief and innocent encounter.

That is until Lorali’s promotion as a journalist puts her on a collision course directly into Ian’s path yet again.

The reuniting between the pair is hot as hell but has Lorelai running scared. Not to be deterred from the smoking hot attraction, Ian seeks her out and sets to actively chase her until she gives in. But can each of them get over their past and barriers to realize what they have is real?

Ian Hale is the epitome of a dirty talking alpha and is as hot as hell in this book. I loved the struggle that he went through with accepting what he wanted. But when he got there, the way that he worshipped Lorali would have had me falling at his feet. You really need to experiencing him throughout this book to get the true effect that he has.

Lorali presented me with a bit of a conundrum in this book. Overall I thought that she was a likable character, especially when she was interacting with her sister and best friend and at times with Ian. What bothered me in some sections of this book was where she was more concerned with what she thought Ian wanted than doing what she felt was right for her. Her people pleasing was a bit too over the top at times. Also, she thinks of herself as a certain way and then dismisses what she considers her instincts completely. But then she is over the top crazy about it. Her actions towards the end of the book just plain baffled me, I just had a hard time reconciling some of her actions.

The chemistry between this pair was off the charts HOT! You could feel the sizzle between them in every encounter. Marie is a master at writing these scenes and they are are guaranteed to get you all hot and bothered. Be warned, do not read this book in public and make sure that you have a change of panties! And best of all, these hot scenes didn’t override or dominate the storyline.

Both Alexa & Josie were great in this book. I really can’t wait to read their stories in the upcoming books. Having glimpsed each couple and their interactions already, you know that you won’t be disappointed.

This would have been a five star read for me except that I felt that the ending was a bit rushed. The last couple of chapters and the epilogue left me spinning it was all wrapped up so suddenly and completely. I do realize that the next books are about a different set of characters, but I sure hope that Marie touches a bit more on the resolution of book 1.

I can say without a doubt that I will read another book by Marie James. I recommend this book to all readers of smut, romance and dirty talking alpha’s. I am very excited for what comes next.

**I was provided a copy of this book by the author**

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  1. The “coming to” sounds like a double-meaning. ; )


    1. Hahaha…it so is – multiple times 😉


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