Life Struggle by Sabrina D. Guthrie

Series: Rescue Team Nine, Book One

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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Rescue Team Nine is an elite team of men comprised of all branches of the service: Marine Corps, Navy, Army, Air Force, and Coast Guard. There’s no mission they can’t complete but can they succeed in love?

Eric “Bear” Anderson’s life with an abusive father left him feeling angry. In order to combat that anger, he joined the Marine Corps where he not only found his place but excelled. Assigned to Rescue Team Nine, they are sent to Wayward Ranch by their new Captain. While there, he meets Ayasha Black, the captain’s daughter and together they embark on a romance neither of them expected.

A flood hits the town with devastating results and an enemy takes the one thing that Bear holds dear. Will he be able to save the one woman he’s ever loved?


3 flames

3.5 stars

A sweet story about fate, survival and finding your other half.
Bear has not had an easy life. From his difficult upbringing he found himself enlisting and being assigned to Rescue Team Nine. Rescue Team Nine is the elite of the elite of the armed forces. A group of men dedicated to their job. They have little down time. As a result Bear finds himself constantly on the move. He has no place that he calls home, and has no desire to set down roots. His brothers are his family. That is until they visited Wayward Ranch on a training exercise and it captivated by a beauty there.

Just about everyone that Ayesha has loved has left her. With only her grandmother Ola, the pair live and run Wayward Ranch, a working ranch as well as a safe haven for the unfortunate. When an elite team decides to base a training exercise at their ranch, Ayesha is confronted with elements of her past that she was not aware. But despite the upheaval of what she once believed is true, she can’t help but drawn to one of the visiting soldiers. But she has a secret from her past that has shaped who she is today. They don’t know it yet, but the revelation of her secret could have wide reaching impact to all those involved.

The pull between them is undeniable but have the circumstances of their lives been leading them to this exact moment of fate all a long?

I loved Ayesha, she is one of those genuine characters that you can’t help but fall in love with. Her heart is so pure that it radiates from her very being to everyone that is around her. You can’t help but sympathize with her struggles and how she is able to conquer every obstacle that she is faced with. I loved that she did not let her circumstances jade her outlook on life and love.

Despite his assigned nickname, Bear was a wonderfully, delightful alpha male. Many times throughout the book he shows that he has a heart of gold and a truly caring side. He is very protective of what he considers his and this is demonstrated many times when it comes to Ayesha.

The secondary characters were awesome. They brought depth to both the story and the main characters. I loved the genuine relationships that had with each other. I can’t wait to find out more about the men on the team as the series progresses.

I could feel the genuine love develop between Bear & Ayesha throughout this book. Their affection towards each other was endearing. The connection between the two was crackling until it could no longer be contained and exploded around them.

What knocked off some of my rating and let me down a bit with this book was the constant changing of character “voices” in the middle of a scene. This book was written in 3rd person, and I have to admit it’s been a while since I have read one not in 1st person, and during a scene the character that was the focus changed. This lead me several times throughout the book to have to reread sections to make sure that I had kept up with the change of perspective.

But despite this, I really enjoyed the storyline and the characters were lovable. There was a good mix of romance and suspense and wanting to know what happened next kept me engaged the entire time.

Now I admit, that I am used to reading books with a bit more steam in them but this was a nice change of pace for me. While it wasn’t completely steam free, the scenes that were included complimented the storyline well.

I can definately see myself reading more of Sabrina’s books because I did enjoy the storyline and the change of pace from my usual reading. I also see Sabrina growing as a writer. A solid debut.

**I was gifted a copy of this book by the author**

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