Mend by Autumn Grey

Series: Havoc, Book 3

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, especially in love. Remington has played that game before and lost. One thing is certain… Losing Selene is not an option. As the threat on their lives looms closer, he knows one wrong move and she might disappear from his life forever. The clock is ticking, and Remington is competing against time to save the woman who is fast becoming a part of his soul.

But what happens after that? Will she stay, or will his past destroy any chance with her?

Love is what remains after our reservations melt away; when we let our demons come out to play.

Selene knows it is just a matter of time before all hell breaks loose. Whoever is after them is after blood. Her blood. She should have cut ties with Remington the second she read that first letter, but that is no longer a choice. She has fallen too far, too hard, and she is in too deep, both emotionally and physically.

At times secrets unite, and sometimes they destroy lives. Will the secret that binds them be enough to break Selene and Remington, or will it mend shattered bonds and make them stronger?


4 flames

“You have to know I’ll never leave you. I’ve never been able to stay away from you and I’m not about to start now. You, ma belle, are my light. The beacon that calls me home even when I am a thousand kilometres away from you. I’ve fallen hard for you, and I’m still falling, but you know what? I don’t care because I know you’ll always be there to catch me. You won’t let me fall, because I’ll never, ever, let you fall. Do you hear me? We are each other’s safety nets.”

Wow – what a freakin’ ride that was! I am not one to write spoilers into my reviews so sorry for this being a bit vague but I really don’t want to give it away.

If you read book 2, then you would understand the mess that I was in when I started this last chapter of Remington and Selene’s story.

And man did this book deliver an impact ending to this series. There were so many twists and turns that had me on the edge of my seat and trying to read as fast as possible to see what happened next.

My heart really felt for Selene in this book. There was so much for her to comprehend and accept. But her overwhelming love for Remington was highlighted and shone throughout the entire book. Her growth into a strong woman able to admit her love for her man and his son was unbelievable to read throughout the series. Selene must be one of my fave female leads.

I loved Remington’s protective side in this last installation of their story. He knew they he wanted the love of his life forever and went to any lengths to get it. How he handled what was thrown at him was the ultimate act of his love for Selene.

This series took me on a journey that I am not going to forget anytime soon. Autumn is a top author that used her words to invest me in a love story that had bad odds from the start and root for the characters the whole entire time. She gave me a character in Adrien that will stay with me for a long time – man I love that little boy.

I urge all romance lovers to grab this entire series as you won’t be disappointed. I can’t wait to see what Autumn does next.

**I purchased a copy of this book**

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