Queen In Play by Willa Thorne

Series: The Manhattan Tales, Book Two

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Erotica

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This is the sequel to His Pawn

Jillian Pryor has learned a thing or two since she was swept away by the handsome Mason Woodward. For years, she had him on a high pedestal… until she learned the dirty truth about his plans for her.

Two months later, Mason is still determined to have her, but Jillian isn’t about to give in that easily. The problem is, Jill hasn’t been able to get him off her mind either.

Still, there’s more at stake than past transgressions and painful secrets. Mason will have to make a choice that Jill knows nothing about…


5 flames

“I’m stronger now than I was back then, but there is no denying that I will always crave the way Mason commands my body. I need it as much as he needs to dominate me.”

Well this book confirms it – you can’t go wrong with a Willa Thorne read. She delivered on every expectation I had with this book.

I knew going into this book that I would love Mason. You cannot go wrong with a dirty talking, dominant, sexy as hell male with a British accent. But I felt that he really, really redeemed himself in the aftermath of book 1’s revelations. He is the pinnacle of an alpha that loves his girl and would do anything for her. And I loved that he didn’t lose any of the qualities that made him alpha just cause he fell in love.

And I have to say that I much prefer the Jillian in this book. Gone is the overwhelmed and at times out of her depth character, instead replaced with a more confident and self assured character. She is no longer naive but I love that she did not become jaded by what happened between her and Mason in book 1.

As you come to expect from book 1, the sex was off the charts hot in this book. You are drawn into each scene until it literally feels like you are going to catch fire. Make sure you have a spare pair of panties on hand – you will need them for sure. And if you blush easily, you may want to consider reading in private. Consider yourself warned.

To top this all off, there is an element of suspense to this book and twists that I was not expecting. The way that some relationships played out in this book, especially where family on both sides were concerned, stunned me.

What I think that Willa does exceptionally well is give you a smutty book to soothe those cravings with an awesome storyline that is not overwhelmed by the sex. It is a fine line that Willa dances perfectly.

I am so excited to see what happens next with Mason and Jillian. I am 100% invested in their story. I am equally as excited to see how Willa can bring another awesome book.

I recommend this book (and series) to every romance and erotica book lover. You will not be disappointed!

**I won a copy of this book**

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