Caught by Erika Ashby & A.E. Woodward

Genre: New Adult

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There’s this boy.
He kinda owns my heart.

Who am I kidding?

He owns all of me–but he’s completely oblivious to it.
And I can’t tell him.

Because there’s this girl.
And even though he’s my best friend, she is too.

Then there’s me…
CAUGHT between what feels so right, yet is so wrong.


4 flames

ONE OF THE BEST female leads that I have read in a while. Ok, so both of these authors are new to me so I really didn’t know their writing styles going into this book. I came across the recommendation on FB (as you do), read the blurb and then instantly one clicked as fast as my little fingers could go! Then of course I couldn’t put it down and devoured it in a few hours.

So before I girl crush on these authors I do need to warn you that this book might hit some people’s hard limits. This IS a love triangle, so take heed and think it through if you know you can’t stomach it. Also, this is a New Adult so the characters are younger, end of high school and early college. You have been warned.

Premise: Boy and girl (Chace & Quinn) have been best friends for forever and a day. New girl (Finley) comes along and befriends girl and they become BFF’s. New girl gets boy. Girl loves boy but says nothing. Girl becomes third wheel when new girl and boy get together. Incident happens between girl, boy & new girl that changes the dynamics of the relationship forever. All are keeping secrets. Can any of them find a happily ever after?

Ok, before I go any further I have to share my absolute love for Quinn (said 3rd wheel). She is one of the most witty females that I have read for a while. How can you not love someone when they use words such as:

“mouth hug, heart on, douche canoe” (and others that you really need to read).

And she delivers the best quote of the whole entire book:

“I need to make my p@$$y gargle?”

Holy hell, the authors had me in full on stitches at times with their Quinnism’s – which is not so funny when you are in public (oh, the stares that I got).

So aside from this, I do have to say that I really felt for Quinn through a lot of the book. She was the one that was secretly in love with her best friend, who was untouchable because he was in a relationship. The moments where she was vulnerable and really let her guard down, even to herself, made my chest ache.

“The hardest thing in the world, or my world, is being happy about something you are insanely jealous of.”

Her whole character was totally relatable. You cannot help but love her and root for her to get the guy. What she goes through and how she grows throughout the book was exciting. It was because of her that I honestly could not put this book down.

Why are boys so oblivious to what is happening right in front of them? Poor Chace, he really doesn’t understand what is going on around him at times. He is the typical jock, caught up in his baseball, his girl and his friends. He really does not see Quinn clearly at times.

“She can’t be bothered to worry about nonsense. It’s one of the reasons her and I have stayed friends all these years. She’s the quintessential hoe-bro. A chick that’s simply one of the guy….Her mind operates like mine.”

When things change you can really feel the conflict within Chace. He tries his best to make the right decisions at every turn but at times it seems like he is just digging himself a bigger hole. Unfortunately for him, it takes but just one moment for everything to change – and Chace finds himself questioning everything that he thought was the right move.

And finally Finley – Chace’s girl and Quinn’s BFF. There was nothing redeeming about her. From the outset she crapped me to tears. I wish that I could shed some light on her motivations and her character traits but at times she is unexplainable. You really need to experience her to get the full effect of why I found her loathsome.

So if you are looking for a book that is light hearted and witty, then whiplashing into angst and strong emotions, then this is definitely a read for you. It has the complete package, including steamy scenes that make you blush. I experienced the full gamut of my options throughout this book and never found a dull moment. I completely recommend this book to everyone who can stomach love triangles.

In the end it can all be summed up as:

“Love is patient, love is kind….Love is all those things, but it’s also so much more. Love is painful…love is hard….”

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